The boyfriend tag

The boyfriend tag


Happy Monday! How are you all? I came to the conclusion last week that I have posted a lot of collaboration posts and a few updates here and there but I haven’t sat down in a long time and just created a “fun” post.

With that in mind, I suggested to Jack that we do the boyfriend tag, he agreed which lead us here. It was interesting to see how much Jack knows about me, I’ve learnt quite a bit from this too! Shall we jump into it?

The boyfriend tag

  1. Which film do I like most? – The Little Mermaid
  2. Who is my closest female friend? – Niamh
  3. What is your favourite memory of me so far? – When we went up the Glastonbury tor
  4. What is the one thing that you love most about me? – I like your smile and your eyes.
  5. What is something you wish I didn’t do? – Dislike my mum
  6. At what point did you decide to make us “official”? – We were talking all the time so it just felt right
  7. Do I prefer the lights on or off during sex? – Off
  8. Do I love being kissed in public? – Yes
  9. Do you think I am your soul mate? – Possibly
  10. Where did we take our first picture together? – Hastings pier
  11. What is my ideal holiday? – Hawaii eating cheese
  12. Do you remember the day when we first met? – Yep, it was the 12th of May
  13. How would you describe the way I kiss? – Tender, passionate, soft
  14. Can you read me by looking into my eyes? – Sometimes
  15. When was the first time you said “I love you” to me? – The 3rd day we started talking
  16. What part of my body is your favourite? – Eyes
  17. Where was our first date? – Camber Sands
  18. Describe me in 3 words. – Funny, passionate and free-thinker
  19. What is the first thing that you ever gave me? – My blue t-shirt
  20. Which three things could make me laugh till I cry? – Me being a prat, me being funny and shit jokes
  21. Do I like kissing or cuddling more? – Cuddling
  22. Which song do I like most? – The Scientists Coldplay
  23. When is my birthday? – 4th February
  24. Where was our first public kiss? – Hastings Pier
  25. If I was critically ill, would you donate your organ to save my life? – No
  26. What are my deal breakers? – They change all the time
  27. Which part of my body do I like being kissed most? – Neck
  28. What is the one soft spot I have? – You don’t have one.
  29. Where was our first kiss? – On the sofa at your house
  30. What would I eat every day if I could? – Garlic bread
  31. Do I have any allergies? – Pineapple and Benzocaine
  32. Coffee or tea? – Tea
  33. Do I have any birthmarks? If so, where? – Yes on your butt
  34. How long have we dated? – 7 months
  35. Do you believe in soul mates? – Yes
  36. What is my middle name? – Jean
  37. Do I prefer cuddling on the couch to a dinner date? – Cuddling
  38. Which kind of music do I like most? – Pop
  39. Which is my favorite ice-cream flavour? – mint chocolate chip
  40. Which song reminds you of me? – Somebody else 1975
  41. How do you feel when you think of me? – Butterflies, smile and giddy
  42. What am I great at? – Being a bad bitch
  43. How did we meet? – Instagram
  44. What are the three countries that I really would like to visit? – Japan, United States, France
  45. Which is my favorite pet name? – Lola
  46. Do you remember the first thing I said to you? – Hi xx
  47. Why do you think you were attracted to me? – Because we have a lot in common, we connected really easily.
  48. What type of flowers do I like? – Roses
  49. Would I rather hug or kiss? – Kiss
  50. What do I dislike most? – Spider
  51. Who is my best friend? – Me bitch
  52. What is my favorite food? – Spag Bol
  53. What is my greatest fear? – dying alone
  54. Do I love kids? – you do, depends on the kid though
  55. Would I prefer a dream wedding to be simple or luxurious? – Simple
  56. Who is my celebrity crush? – Twilight dude (Robert)
  57. Where do I shop for my clothes? – Anywhere
  58. What is my weird behavior? – Giggly, I’m not sure
  59. What are the three favourite things I like about you? – My eyes, my hair and my cute smile.
  60. Which was my favorite date with you? – Top golf and watching the planes
  61. Do I often make you angry? – Not very often
  62. If we got married someday, where would you take me for the honeymoon? – Greece
  63. What is my dream or goal in life? – To be a teacher
  64. What is the craziest thing I have ever done? – Travelling so far to see me on your own.
  65. How long do you think we’ll be together? – I’m hoping a very long time.

The end

It was so much fun to be able to include Jack in a post rather then just writing posts about him. Some of his answers took me by surprise, he is very cute!

I hope to do more posts with Jack in the future, but as you know, that will have to be on my new blog which goes live in February.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did, be sure to like, comment and share with your friends. I’ll be back tomorrow.

Until then,

Sending you all my love,

A x


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