Does yoga really work?


Happy Monday my loves,

How are you? I hope you’ve had a wonderful start to the week. I am starting to slowly feel better, rest rest and more rest seems to be doing the trick. I’ve also been trying some meditation and yoga too.

I was very kindly gifted three books carefully crafted by Kayla Kurin filled with ways yoga could be an answer to some of our unspoken thoughts. I’ve quite enjoyed the read to be honest with you.

I was gifted these books in return for a review on my blog. All opinions are my own. Any links included are not affiliate links. I am not being paid to share my thoughts with you.

Now, if you know me, I’m not your typical yoga and mindfulness kind of girl, I didn’t see the point and quite frankly, I thought it was ridiculous that so many people were promoting it to be the best thing since sliced bread.

I tried yoga before and it wasn’t too bad, I did share my thoughts on that so if you want a recap, head back a few months and have a read. I kind of gave up afterwards, I didn’t see the point of looking like an idiot in my room when I wasn’t really seeing or feeling the positive effects everyone else was, I felt I was failing at it. Can anyone fail at yoga?

Each book is spilt into 7 steps to aid recovery from whatever it may be that you’re struggling with. The three books I have are to aid me from Chronic fatigue, Chronic pain and Insomnia. I suffer terribly from insomnia and I had tried everything I possibly could without taking the medication route, I’ve come to a point where I do not want anymore drugs inside my body!

I had a quick look through and laughed to myself, I thought there was no way that I’d be doing any of those poses. To no surprise at all, I had a very restless night so I started to read the book, page for page word for word and I really took everything in. By the time I reached the morning, I was ready to give anything a try!

I have been giving each pose a try at least once a day, I sit and go over the things I have learnt from the book and practice a little before heading to bed. I also avoid caffeine, alcohol and unnecessary sugar in my diet before I head to bed because they also have an impact on my sleep.

There is an option to own a journal, specific for which book it is you are reading but I didn’t take advantage of this offer.

I have had a read of the other two book’s, I cannot fault them. They’re easy to read, simple to follow and I can definitely see how yoga and great mindfulness has changed Kayla’s life and you can really feel her passion radiate through her books to help everyone around her too.

I definitely recommend that you give her books a try, you can find them for a great price on Amazon. It’s better to be open minded about this process, you’ll find things a lot easier to understand- something I wish I had picked up a while ago.

For now, I’ve over exhausted my body so it’s easy for me to just doze off, but I will definitely consider hitting the book and poses again when things feel a little too much.

Thank you for reading my post, I hope you have enjoyed it, if you did leave a like and comment below.

I’ll see you soon,

Until then,

A x


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