My August Goals

My August Goals


Happy Monday! How are you my loves? I hope you have all had a great day and you’re enjoying your summer holidays. I had work today which is why this post is going up later than I originally planned for, but its here nonetheless.

I am in such a writing mood, but I wont lie, I am also in the mood to leave this blog and create a fresh one, one that I can leave my galaxygirl name behind and stop hiding behind a persona. I’m still weighing up the pros and cons but its a good consideration.

Let’s not talk about that for now though, lets concentrate on my goals for this month instead.

My August goals
  1. Exercise twice a week – I have really let myself go lately, somehow I have managed to lose weight but I haven’t been working out as much as I usually would which has made me disappointed in myself. My goal this month is to workout at a minimum of twice a week, if I can do more, that is great!
  2. Be more organised – I have been a bit of a mess and all over the place lately and that really needs to stop! I need to sit down and make a list of everything I need, I want to do, I have already done, things I need to change etc, I just need a giant kick up the backside to be honest.
  3. Save for my passport and travel fare – I am sick of saying I am going to see the world when I actually only ever see it through other people’s eyes. It’s not something I want o be stuck doing, so its about time that I change it.
  4. Start taking care of myself – I need to put myself first for a while, focus on what I want, need and have. I have been putting other people and their opinions before my own and its time to finally put my foot down and say no. I will be thinking about me and me only on certain things for a while.
  5. Make more of an effort with my family – Apart from my sisters, I don’t really do much or talk to my family and I’ve come to realise recently that although some of them have made the worst life choices, they are the only people I can truly rely on. I need to fix any broken bridges and start moving forward again.
  6. New job hunting – I am already on the hunt for a new job, something that suits me better, something that challenges me more. I need to start applying for more jobs and stop thinking about whether someone else would approve or not.
  7. Make an effort with friends – Some of them I wouldn’t consider friends anymore because they’re selfish, ruse and obnoxious, but some I truly miss and I need to free up my time in order to see them. Some of them I just need to message and that’s it, we’re both happy for months, but some I just need a good hug from and some wine in me!
  8. Look after my skin – I wouldn’t say I have neglected my skin, but my acne has been super gross lately and I don’t really know why! I might have to juggle a few products around to see if that helps.
  9. Read the whole Maze Runner book collection – I have read a couple of books but I want to start and read a new series, so I decided that the Maze Runner will do it’s job and keep me entertained. I might do a book review on them, but probably not to be honest.

That’s all from me and my August goals tonight. I hope you have enjoyed this post, if you have do let me know and if you can, donate to my KO-FI page, I am currently saving up to be able to pay for a teacher training course.

Thank you all for reading and I will see you soon!


A x


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