A perfect week- Life update

A perfect week- Life update

Hello my loves,

Happy Tuesday, how are you? I hope you have had an amazing day.

I know I haven’t been very active again this month on my blog but last week I had the most amazing week and honestly I just wanted to be a wrapped up in every second of it and not worry about getting a blog post out on time, or worry about my social media views and likes etc.

Last week my amazing boyfriend Jack came down and I won’t lie I started off feeling very stressed it was the first time we were actually meeting and I was just panicking about things that I really should’ve been thinking about. So I have decided to break down last week into the days and what we did.

I decided to write this blog post so that I have it as a memory but also because I am still absolutely gobsmacked by him and the fun that we had.


– So Sunday was the day that he actually came down. I had work in the morning I had to come home and was really starting to panic about everything not being perfect or not being good enough.

– When he pulled up outside my house my first thoughts were holy shit he is a lot cuter in real life than on FaceTime. I was still super nervous and I’m pretty sure he was just the same but there wasn’t any kind of awkwardness or it was very nice and kind of settled me a little bit.

– Sunday night we were just chilled and got to know each other a bit more we actually had our first kiss that night, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. We were cuddling on the sofa watching Skyfall and just enjoying each other.


– Monday was a really a chill day for us, we were kind of just settling in to the home and I was trying to make sure that my family liked him because he is the main reason I am so happy at the moment. So we just chilled at home watching films and having some time for ourselves away from everyone else, to really bond and enjoy each other.

– Monday night we enjoyed a Chinese and he met my stepdad which actually went better than I thought it would have done. Everyone was just really nice to him and we had a laugh and joke about a little. We spent the night watching Netflix and just cuddling up which was really sweet I loved waking up to him in the morning.


– Tuesday was a really fun for me because I went to not only one beach but two. We decided to head on over to camber Sands which was really nice because I haven’t been there since I was about five maybe a little bit older than that. It was really nice because he included my sister in the trip so we all managed to bond and have a laugh while driving down. I rocked out to my playlist and everyone was singing along and just we had a great time.

– When we arrived I can but it was a little windy so we decided to spend an hour there just walking along the seafront and Jack lost a game of odds which meant he had to jump over a slightly bigger gap of water then I had to walk over. He did it and we were both super proud of him.

– After Jack climbed the rocks, we headed back down towards the car to leave. We decided to head to Hastings from Camber which didn’t really take us that long to be honest. We arrived at Hastings and took a walk along down to the pier.

– We walked on to the pier and I was very scared because I am petrified of heights but it was so lovely up there. I managed to get a good photography shot so I was happy.

– After being on the pier we went to McDonald’s to grab something to eat and then we chilled at the seafront throwing in the pebbles and just enjoying the last of the Sun before the tide came in. The drive home I was very sleepy until we pulled up to McDonald’s and got a Strawberry shake!


– I won’t lie, this was the day that I really wasn’t looking forward to but it turned out to be my favourite day of the whole week!

– I went and met his friends which is the part I wasn’t looking forward to. I wanted them to like me but also didn’t want to give them the wrong impression of me. I am a bit of a weirdo but obviously couldn’t show them that, so I was trying very hard to be “normal”. We played TopGolf which to be honest with you, I sucked at! It was great fun though and I really liked his friends.

– The trip home was by far the most amazing time ever! We stopped down a lane, walked into a field and I was able to watch the airplanes depart from Heathrow airport! It was the closest I’ve ever been to an airport let alone watching a plane take off and fly above my head! It was crazy! I was like a little child who couldn’t hold in their excitement. Every time I saw a plane ready to take off I was hitting Jack’s arm and telling him to look. He was so cute! He didn’t get bored of my excitement, in fact, he encouraged it by telling me what plane was what. I can’t wait to go back in the Summer!


– Thursday was another beach day for us. This time we headed down to Whitstable. My sister came with us again. I loved every minute down there. I even dipped my feet in the water which wasn’t that cold. The only bit I wasn’t overly thrilled on was when I thought Jack was going to fall off a ledge and into the sea. My fear of heights is so bloody irrational.


– Friday was a very mixed day for me. I was thrilled to be spending another day with Jack, but I knew that it was my last full day with him. I was also very nervous because I was going to meet his parents and his sister for the first time and if they didn’t like me, I knew I was screwed.

– Before going to his parents we headed to McDonald’s again, we grabbed lunch and headed to Mote Park for a little walk. We took a mini adventure walking through the trees, I almost died (don’t worry I’m being dramatic) while trying to balance on a tree stump. We enjoyed a little break by the water, next time we plan on taking a boat out so that’ll be entertainment for another post.

– After our Mote Park trip, we headed to his parents for dinner. I was beyond quiet. His parents are lovely, especially his mum. I learnt a lot about his sister and her girlfriend too which was nice. I don’t think I’ll be as scared if I meet them again.


– I hated this day because it stated that Jack was going to leave me. I was lucky enough to have him until about 9 pm but it was definitely an emotional day. In all honesty I didn’t want him to leave. I had had the most amazing week with non-stop laughter and love I wasn’t prepared to let that go.

  • – I cooked him dinner which I was very proud of because it actually tasted alright, we then headed to the tent to cuddle before I had to suck it up and say goodbye to him. I cried when he left and so did he so I didn’t feel like such an idiot.
  • And that is it that is the end of the most perfect week of my life. I have already planned to go up and see him soon I just have to get Work out of the way first but then I will be heading up and possibly vlogging the whole thing!
  • So thank you all for reading tonight’s post I really hope you have enjoyed reading about my week I have loved going over it again. If you did enjoy this post please let me know by leaving a like and a comment below.
  • I will be back tomorrow with a brand new post so I look forward to seeing you all again then.
  • Until then,
  • Sending you all my love,
  • A x
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