New interviews: I prefer hot chocolate #10

New interviews: I prefer hot chocolate #10

Hi lovelies,

Welcome back to another interview post. This was meant to go up over the weekend but I just didn’t get time, so it’s going up today and I’ll upload again tomorrow for you.

Tonight I am sharing my interview with Katie from Sorry Katie for the delay! I’m going to jump straight into the interview because it’s already late.

I prefer hot chocolate – Katie’s interview

1. Introduce yourself, what is your name?
  • I’m Katie and I blog over at Cake Vs Scales

2. What made you want to start a blog?
  • I started a blog (7 years ago!) because apart from Sport, I had what felt like no real hobbies. Blogging was still in its infantry back then, but I suppose you could say I wanted a piece of the pie.

3. What inspired your blog name?
  • At the time when I started my blog, life pretty much revolved around cake and trying to stick to a certain weight. Of course, life changes and evolves but there’s still the emotional hold of my blog name and I’m not going to let go.

4. Do you think your blog has been a success?
  • Absolutely, how we measure success is a hugely personal thing, sometimes you need to ask yourself “Is this making me happy?” – If so, then you’ve found the best way to measure your success.

5. How do you spend your day to day life when you are not blogging?
  • I love to socialise (and by that I mean drink coffee and meet people for cake), I work out (swimming, running & gym) I spend hours looking at nonsense on the internet. I also find that I use blogging as an excuse to actively avoid adult jobs like cleaning and paperwork.

6. Who knows about your blog and are they supportive?
  • I’m very public about my blog, my biggest supporter is my husband. He’s my photographer, occasional proof reader and is also bloody great at resolving IT issues.

7. If you wasn’t blogging, what do you think you would be doing?
  • Watching a lot of TV, petting random cats and dogs, plus spending money I don’t have? Okay, on a serious note I have no idea…

8. What/who inspires your new posts?
  • Inspiration often comes when I least expect it, I try not to copy other people but naturally with blogging there’s an overlap. I enjoy sharing my personal experiences and can only hope that others enjoy reading about these too.

9. Do you have any social media links you would like to share?

I thought you’d never ask…

Tweet: @cakevscales

Facebook: CakeVsScales 

Instagram: @cakevsscales 

10. What is your blogging goal for the next 5 years?
  • I try not to look that far ahead, I just take baby steps and review once a month which gives me a good chance to review what’s working and what’s not.

Thank you so much Katie for taking part in my interview series, again I apologise for it not being up this weekend. I really hope you enjoyed taking part.

Thank you all so much for reading, please head on over to to Katie’s blog and her socials (all linked above) and show her all your love and support.

I need to chase a few people about their interview so I’m not sure when the next one will be. If you would like to take part then leave your email address below or fill out my contact form and I’ll be in touch.

I really hope you enjoyed tonight’s post, if you did please let me know by leaving a like and comment below.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another post,

Until then,

Sending you all my love,

A x


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