May goals 2019

May goals 2019
Hello my loves,

Happy Friday, how are you? Today has been a very miserable day, non stop rain and I missed a Facetime this morning with Jack so I can honestly say, I have hated this Friday. On the plus side, I have seen Jack and he has made me super happy so I guess that weighs it out.

On Wednesday I uploaded a very exciting review on the Proto-col moisturiser, they have now had their relaunch so head on over to that post (link here for you) to check it out.

We are only three days into the month so I didn’t think it would be too outrageous to upload my goals for this month now. I have worked really hard on coming up with some goals that would improve my life, so shall we see what I’ve come up with?

May goals

  1. Eat breakfast-I wake up almost everyday at 5am thanks to a wake up call from my very sleepy yet very cute in the morning boyfriend. Sometimes I wish I didn’t answer because I like my sleep but then when I don’t see him I get super grumpy. I don’t really eat breakfast, so I have decided that when Jack FaceTimes me in the mornings I will get up and start my day early, making sure I have something to eat too.
  2. Make my bed every morning- Jack is an angel and makes his bed every morning, I on the other hand don’t which is odd because I love cleaning and keeping things neat. Making your bed is one of the most annoying things ever, but if he can do it, so can I.
  3. Experiment with my make up- Recently I have been wearing more make-up. Not just because Jack likes it but because I feel good wearing it. I want to try some new looks and really push the boat out with my creations.
  4. Keep a journal – My feelings have been all over the place recently so I want to keep track on what’s making my moods different. I know Jack makes me super happy, but when I am crying and I can’t think of a reason why I am crying. It’s shit.
  5. Listen to a podcast- Podcasts have become a huge thing recently and I have listened to clips of Fearne Cottons podcast, so my goal this month, I want to listen to that and maybe a crime one too.
  6. Schedule posts – Jack is spending a whole week with me, I feel so sorry for him! He absolutely loves me blogging but I want to spend every second I can with him, so I am going to schedule some posts and maybe some for June too.
  7. Stop caring what people think of me – Since getting into a relationship I had had a lot of people share what they think of me and to be frank, it’s not nice. To quote a few things that I am reminded “you’re fat” “your ugly” “how does someone like you have a boyfriend, you’re a slag”. I take those things to heart when I really shouldn’t, especially when Jack tells me I am beautiful literally every day. I should listen to him more than I listen to the others.
  8. Take less selfies- My snapchat memories is 80% selfies and I would say that over 50% of them are really bad! That and I have many that are identical. I should really stop taking so many selfies and take pictures of the things around me instead, or just put my phone away.
  9. Go out more- My bed is my happy place, I am super comfortable staying in my room, dancing in my underwear and then FaceTiming Jack, but in reality I should be going out and doing productive things. I should start running again too.
  10. Don’t talk about Jack so much – I love mentioning him to anyone and everyone who will listen. He genuinely builds me up every day and I am yet to find a fault with him. Being in a long distance relationship can suck but with him it just seems to easy. I even talk about him at work. I have noticed I mention him a lot in posts recently so I am going to do my best not too. I do apologise for mentioning him about 100 times in this post but as of now, I’ll do my best not to mention him.

I think my hardest goal is definitely 10, I’m not sure if I’ll make it but we shall see. Thank you so much for reading tonight’s post, I really hope you enjoyed, if you did please let me know by leaving a like and comment one of your goals below.

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I’ll be back tomorrow with an interview post,

Until then,

Sending you all my love,

A x


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