April goal review

April goal review

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Hello my lovelies,

Happy Tuesday my loves, how are you?  I hope you’ve had a great day. Did you see my post last night. If not here is the link for you. I hope you check out Samara’s interview and follow her social medias.

Tonight it’s time to take a look back at my April goals post to see if I achieved any of the things I set out to do. I will add my goals here, but if you’d also like out check out the post itself then here is a link for you to do so.  I haven’t really paid attention to the goals I set so I honestly don’t think I achieved any, but let’s check shall we. First, let’s take a look at the goals I set

My April goals

  1. Save £30 – It may not seem like a lot but I literally have £4 in my saving account so I should really work on getting that back up.
  2. Read two books – I haven’t read anything since being in hospital and that was the start of March! I am signed up to Beth’s book club which you can find here and here so that’s one motivation to get my head back into the paperbacks.
  3. Workout more – I have lost weight but I haven’t been working out like I should be so I need to get back into it.
  4. Drink more water – I drink so much tea and recently a lot of alcohol too so I am going to take myself on a water detox programme in order to flush out the toxins and improve my general health.
  5. Study again – I was studying American history but life got busy so I stopped, this month I want to make more of an effort with my studies because I miss school.
  6. Upload every  Monday, Wednesday and Friday as normal – I have a schedule and honestly I have sucked at sticking to it, so I am going to try again this month to make it work and if it doesn’t then I’ll just change things about.
  7. Practise more self love – I have been beyond tough on myself, from an ex telling me I am not good enough to just falling back into old habits, its no surprise that I don’t like myself at the moment. I need to work on lifting myself back up.
  8. Have a social media free day – Social media can be very toxic and honestly very draining, from Twitter wars to Instagram shading, sometimes you just need to step away from it and look at your own life. So that’s what I am going to be doing.
  9. See more of my friends – I have been able to catch up with a few friends recently and I’ve come to realise I actually miss them! I also have made a few new friends that I have plans on meeting up with. My trouble is I always put work before them so I need to change that.
  10. Reach out to brands – I am absolutely loving the opportunities that I have been given recently and I have some reviews coming up this week too! I love collaborate with brands that I feel you guys will love, so please do not think I grab any opportunity! I always think of you guys first!

I honestly forgot I set most of these goals, but I know that I have achieved some of them. Shall we see how many I have achieved? Place your bets now.

April goals review

  1. Save £30 – Nope, this month was a short month and after paying my bills I haven’t been able to save anything. It really sucks.
  2. Read two books – Thanks to Beth’s book club I managed to read the book she set for us this month (which I loved!) and I also finished Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban. Two very good books!
  3. Workout more – I have lost weight! I have been spending my time outside a lot and I have loved just going on small adventures, getting myself into trouble and  of course taking some insane pictures, there are a few up on my Instagram if you fancy taking a look.
  4. Drink more water – I hate tap water it tastes so bad so I opted for an alternative, I decided to get sugar free flavoured water, it has seemed to do the job.
  5. Study again – I have browsed my book but as of yet I haven’t had a full on study session. I will get bac to it soon.
  6. Upload every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as normal – I really haven’t done well with uploading on this blog and I do apologise. Jack is being a huge motivator and it’s thanks to him that I am typing away right now. I get very embarrassed when he reads my posts but  he tells me all the time that he is proud of me and that’s why I keep coming back for more.
  7. Practise more self love – With Jack telling me he loves me everyday and others telling me I am fat, I have been very torn with the way I feel about myself. I have taken some time out to do things for myself and that has started to help but it’s a work in progress situation.
  8. Have a social media free day – Absolutely not achieved this one. I think we can safely blame this one on Jack though. As much as I love him and seeing his cute little face everyday, he is most definetley the reason I haven’t had a social media free day.
  9. See more of my friends – I have seen two of my friends that I don’t see often and it has been the best time catching up with them. They’re both doing so well and I love the fact that they still make time for me, even when they’re in a relationships. I definetley think my guy friends are a lot more loyal than the girls.
  10. Reach out to brands – I have some amazing things planned! I have loved talking to a few brands about a collaboration and I am so excited to be uploading one tomorrow too! My hard work is paying off at last!

That is it, I have achieved a lot more than I thought I would have done so I am



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