New interviews: I prefer hot chocolate #5

New interviews: I prefer hot chocolate #5



Happy Wednesday my loves, how are you? I hope you’re all having a wonderful day. Tonight I am bringing you another interview post. This was meant to be live on Sunday but I wont lie, I am behind schedule.

Tonight I am bringing you my interview with Kaddie from let’s jump in and get to know more shall we?

I prefer hot chocolate – Kaddie’s interview

1. Introduce yourself, what is your name?

  • I am Karishma Verma but most people just call me Kaddie.
    I’m from India. I graduated in mid-2018, and I am an engineer by
    profession and an upbeat human, who likes to motivate and spread
    positive vibes around myself and amongst my people!

2. What made you want to start a blog?

  • I started blogging when I completed my graduation, there
    were a few instances when I was figuring out what to do next with my
    life because things weren’t going a certain way that I thought it would,
    and by the power of positive thinking, I started getting opportunities to
    work and that’s when I thought I want to spread this magical power via
    my blog to everybody who wants positivity in their life!!

3. What inspired your blog name?

  • When I started blogging it was on WordPress by the name of
    ‘HALF GLASS FULL’, later I decided that I want to create my own
    website, so I began thinking about different unique names that could
    match the theme of my blog. And finally, I landed upon this name,
    ‘Gratisoul’. I asked my friends and family about their suggestions over
    this and everybody loved it.
  • “Gratisoul” is derived from two words that are, ‘gratis’ + ‘soul’
    which means ‘free soul’. Or some people can also think it this way that
    Gratisoul is derived from the word ‘gratitude’ and has then been affixed
    with ‘soul’. That’s the beauty of every individual to think distinctively.
    And fortunately, both denotations depict the theme of this blog.

4. Do you think your blog has been a success?

  • The journey of my blogging career has just begun. I created
    my website in January 2019, so it’s just been a month. It's too soon to
    predict if it’s a success yet or not but people are appreciating the content
    of my blog and my positive vibes. So far so good!!

5. How do you spend your day to day life when you are not blogging?

  • When I’m not blogging, I’m searching for ways to improve
    my blog, working on other stuff or I might be chilling with friends or
    family! That’s how my typical day is!! Pretty simple!

6. Who knows about your blog and are they supportive?

  • Since I am promoting my blog on every social platform so
    apart from my friends and family and their friends and family, I guess
    my entire contact list on all these social platforms are being spammed
    continuously with positive vibes (haha) so yeah pretty much everybody
    around me knows about my blog and yeah, they are very supportive,
    they love my content, and advise me how I can improvise it!! I’ve got a
    cool gang of friends and fam bam by my side!! (#BLESSED)

7. If you wasn’t blogging, what do you think you would be doing?

  • TBH blogging has become my passion lately, I express my
    emotions via my blogs but since I’ve just begun, so right now its more of
    a part-time thing. Maybe in the near future, I might pursue it full time!!
  • So, if I wouldn’t be blogging, I would have been doing a job in my
    profession (because I left one job a few months back, so now I am
    continuously applying and going for interviews but no luck as of now,
    still not losing hope and religiously searching for that as well and some
    other opportunities on which I could work). But blogging has been a
    positive distraction for me in my rough patch so that’s why I am
    dedicated to growing my blog parallelly.

8. What/who inspires your new posts?

  • I draw inspiration from my everyday incidents, from people
    who are a part of that incident, from their reactions and thoughts towards
    that particular incident and how they differ from my views. So basically,
    my life and people in my life inspire me to create content for my website

9. Do you have any social media links you would like to share?

10. What is your blogging goal for the next 5 years?

  • Hopefully in the next 5 years ‘Gratisoul’ would be a
    renowned name and a synonym of positivity (Haha hoping that could
    happen though) But yeah wherever I’ll be in the next 5 years I’ll keep on
    resonating these positive vibes to anybody who is in search of it and
    could relate to my experiences and create a positive perspective for
    themselves towards life. (P.S. That’s my tagline as well (haha)). Until
    then as I always say, live positively and happily and become a

Thank you so much Kaddie for taking part in my interview series, I have loved getting to know you. I also apologise for uploading this late! I really hope you enjoyed yourself!

A huge thank you to all of you who have read tonight’s post too. Please do head on over to Kaddie’s blog and other social medias and show her a lot of love and support. If you would like to feature in this series, please drop a comment below or fill out my contact form

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Thank you so much for reading, if you have enjoyed this post please leave a like and leave a comment below letting me know how your week is going.

I will be back with a new review post soon!

Until then,

Sending you lots of love,

A x


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