Blogmas day thirteen: My top 5 Christmas alcoholic drinks

Blogmas day thirteen: My top 5 Christmas alcoholic drinks

Hello my lovelies,
How are you? First things first, happy Thursday! I hope you’ve had a fabulous day.
I would just like to you I let you all know that Blogmas post will be uploaded later than 6 p.m. for a little while, I currently have severe tonsillitis which is draining on its own but I also have some other medical issues going on which I need to sort of a focus on and try to fix. I have been to the doctors and I have some antibiotics for my tonsils and I have been referred back to you the neurologist just to see if there’s some sort of underlying issue that’s going on and no one knows about. My appointment with them isn’t until the 20th of May which is so long away but it’s the only appointment they had so here I am just going to have to wait it out.

Tonight I have the great pleasure of sharing my top 5 favourite Christmas alcoholic drinks. I don’t actually a drink a lot over the Christmas period partly because there are so many of us that the drink is normally gone before I get there but also because I am normally working on Christmas day or Boxing Day. I do tend to drink a lot more over the new year festivities so I have included two of my favourite drinks from that as well.
I know that some of you are underage I do not promote underage drinking, yes I did it and it wasn’t cool I won’t lie to you, don’t ever feel like you have to do it because you’re being pressured because that isn’t cool either. If you are underage drinking please make sure that you are being responsible and by responsible I mean don’t go drinking more than you can handle and please do not mix your drinks! I know that some of you are from America and your legal drinking age I believe is 21? Over in England if you’re not aware the legal age to drink is 18 and I am 19 so I am not breaking any laws.
it’s now I have it clarified that let’s jump into you my top 5 drinks.

My favourite five alcoholic drinks

1. Bailey’s – I have a huge thing for Bailey’s at the moment, I used to absolutely hate it but now I have a tiny bit of Bailey’s with some ice and it is the most incredible a drink. I have recently been making Bailey’s hot chocolate to which is even more delicious.

2. Bucks fizz – this is the sort of drink am I a nan would give my younger brother and sisters around the Christmas table to make them feel like they’re drinking “real alcohol” they would only be allowed to two glasses and I’m pretty sure it would get them tipsy anyway! I have so many a great stories so acting bucks fizz on it’s own without loving the taste of it. It’s definitely one of those drinks that you have around Christmas time and you wouldn’t think about purchasing it for other occasions.

3. Prosecco – I feel like prosecco is the new champagne! It is so much cheaper than champagne anyway and it tastes just as good. I am really fancy with my prosecco because I like to have where possible strawberries put inside of the glass or on the side of the glass. I know it that’s the sort of thing about the real housewives would have and I am nowhere near as classy as them but it does taste really good!

4. Gin with lemonade – back in the summer I tried raspberry gin and that became my obsession, now I am drinking gingerbread gin with oh my god is the best creation ever. I know you’re meant to you have tonic water with your gin if you’re not drinking it neat, but I absolutely hate tonic water it makes me throw up, so I like to have three quarters gin and one-quarter lemonade. I feel like gin used to be something that the older generation would drink and now because it’s so cheap and affordable us “young people” have started to drink a lot more of it.

5. Apple cider – personally I wouldn’t call cider and alcoholic drink just because it has no effect on me at all, but when you look at the facts, it is actually alcohol. I drink apple cider in the summer and in the winter just because I feel like it’s one of those versatile, you can associate it with summer but you can also associated with winter and you can mix up by putting cinnamon sticks in with your side as well.

There we are, that’s my top 5 favourite alcoholic drinks for the Christmas period done. I don’t actually drink that much I don’t want you guys to become concerned that I am a drinking a lot as I said at the beginning of the post I am currently suffering from tonsillitis again so I’m not actually drinking at the moment anyway because I am on antibiotics.
Thank you so much for reading at tonight’s post I would love to know what your favourite Christmas drink is it doesn’t have to be an alcoholic drink it can be anything you like. If you have enjoyed this post please do leave a like and comment below.
I have a surprise post for you all tomorrow and I look forward to you shame that with you.
Until then I’m sending you lots of love and festive cheer,



  1. December 15, 2018 / 12:42 pm

    I love a good mint hot chocolate around Christmas because they’re just nice and festive and yummy of course

    • December 15, 2018 / 7:08 pm

      I absolutely love mint! They definitely are yummy!

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