Blogmas day twelve: How to volunteer over Christmas?

Blogmas day twelve: How to volunteer over Christmas?


How are you? I hope you’re having a great Wednesday, I was having a great start, but then I got my hopes up for something that didn’t end up happening which sucks. I spent a whole lot of time and energy getting myself ready, which is why this post is late again! I swear, tomorrow I am going to have a full blog day.

Tonight I am sharing with you a few ways you can help/volunteer to those who need it over the Christmas period. Every year, more and more people end up spending their Christmas on the streets because they either have no place to go, or it’s their safest place to be. I do my best to help, and I am sure you do too, but if we all work together, we could maybe one day change everyone’s life for the better.

How to Volunteer over Christmas

I have found a few ways that I would like to share with you. The first organisation that I think are incredible and if you have the chance to, I definitely recommend you speak to them is the Salvation Army. You can head on over to you at their website to you donate, or you can send them an email or apply to one of their jobs through their website. If you can I definitely recommend donating to the people that are less fortunate, I know that not everyone is able to and that is completely fine please do not feel you have to give money if you can not.

That brings me onto my second way of volunteering. Every year we go through hundreds of thousands of beauty products and everyday hygiene products, we often take that for granted, especially things like putting deodorant on or brushing your teeth or putting my hair up for work/school. It’s a simple things that some people don’t even get to have. That’s why you can donate any products that have not been used/opened to your nearest homeless shelter. Product can include a toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, deodorant, tissues, hair bobbles/hair brush, feminine products (period pads/tampons) etc. if you are looking to do this I definitely recommend searching where your nearest homeless shelter is and calling them to see what they are short on.

You can also donate food to you not only shelters but also food banks for those who are struggling a little bit to find the money to buy food for their cupboards. The best food to donate are the ones that are in a tin/can they have a very long expiry date, I also recommend the things like pasta and cereal.

Last year a group of people went around my local town and left coats, scarf hats and gloves around with a little note attached saying “please take me it’s cold” and they had such a great turnout. I think we often forget how hard it is to be out in that sort of weather is specially when we can go home put the heating on and snuggle up in bed. I’m not saying go out and buy it brand new coats that are expensive to then just leave it lying around, but if you or one of your kids or family member has outgrown one of their coats you can use them instead. The same with hats gloves and scarfs, you can pick a bundle up in poundstretchers for a couple of quid but again if you’re outgrowing an old set and  thinking of just binning them, please do consider this alternative.

Now onto something that will cost you absolutely nothing but will fill your heart for a very long time. Volunteering doesn’t always have to cost you money and you don’t have to go and buy things for other people. If you know elderly person who may be spending Christmas on their own or if they aren’t able to celebrate Christmas then go and visit them. It could be your next door neighbour, or the little man who stands on the corner of your street waving when you walk past, it could even be someone that you don’t know! I work in an elderly care home and not many of them have visitors around the Christmas period and that you definitely do feel lonely. If you have a care home near you just call up and ask if it is okay to come and visit some of the residents. They love to chat!

Time is the most important way of volunteering whether it’s just listening to someone who is having trouble around the Christmas period or if it’s working to help improve the situation that someone is in. I know your time is the most precious thing but spending it on someone else he needs it is the most rewarding feeling!
That is it from me I won’t carry on with this post because I feel like you are all decent people anyway and you’ll do your best to help other people whenever and however you can. Thank you so much for reading at to my post again I can only apologise for it being late I definitely won’t be getting my hopes up that something anytime soon!

I really hope you have enjoyed this post if you have please do leave a like and comment below. Tomorrow I am sharing my favourite alcoholic drinks so make sure you head back here to you check that out.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your evening send here lots of love and festive cheer,


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