Blogmas day eleven: Gingerbread houses


Happy Tuesday everyone, how are you? I hope you’re well. I think I’m coming down with something which sucks because it’s nearly Christmas! I can’t really afford to be ill. I’m currently in bed, after waking up from a two and a half hour sleep, I realized I haven’t finished this post, again! I am really sorry! I have the whole day off tomorrow so I’ll definitely get the rest of this week’s posts finished!

I was meant to be sharing how to make a gingerbread house, but honestly, I’ve not had the time or the energy to do so. Instead, I have found some great gingerbread house ideas that I think are way over the top (in a good way). All of these images have been taken from Pinterest.

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How to make Gingerbread houses right!

I think my favourite has to be the Howgarts one! How incredibly talented they must be! Do any of your gingerbread houses look like this? If so please send me a picture I am absolutely loving these!

I’m really sorry that tonight’s post is a cop-out post I really didn’t expect to fall asleep,and like I said I am off for the rest of the week so tomorrow I am going to work on finishing the rest of this week’s posts.

I hope you have enjoyed this post anyway if you have please do leave a like and comment below, are you sick of me? I am pretty sure most of you are!

I hope you all have a wonderful evening and I will catch up with you tomorrow.

Sending you lots of love and festive cheer,

A x

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