Blogmas Day nine: My Christmas Wish list

Blogmas Day nine: My Christmas Wish list

Happy Sunday my little beauties! How are you all? I hope you have had an amazing day, I have been rushed off my feet all day today hence why this post is late I did have it scheduled for 6 p.m. but unfortunately some unforeseen circumstances the occurred and I had to put it back slightly, but it is here now so let’s just jump straight into the post.

My Christmas wish list

These are a few items on my wish list, I know that my friends and family will not be able to buy these gifts, so I have not asked them to, nor will I ever ask them to spend a huge amount of money on me. This is just a list of items that I would love to treat myself to this Christmas (or any Christmas!)
1. A Gucci card purse – I don’t want this because it’s Gucci, and that’s a “really cool brand” it’s on my wish list because I have wanted one since it came out! I love the pattern and I definitely need a smaller purse for my date night bag. it’s something that is a very practical and something that I would get a lot of years out of so is definitely tempting to make that splurge.
2. Chequered pinafore dress – I absolutely love anything chequered or tartan it suits my figure really well and I don’t know I just love it, I am absolutely crushing on the pinafore style at the moment it reminds me of my primary school days and at £29 this is down to something that I am considering purchasing.
3. Marble jewellery holder – I have a lot of necklaces that I have a kept because they’re gifts from my Nan from when she goes on holiday or just general spoil myself purchases. I think I have 23 in total! At the moment I am just keeping them around my bear ornament, but I definitely need a stand that I can use, they’ll be a lot less tangled that way too!
4. Pandora ring – I have dropped so many hints for this, just because it’s simply gorgeous, but again, I would never expect someone to buy me it, or anything from Pandora for that matter! This ring has been on my wishlist for a very long time and I’m sure if I carry on saving I will be able to treat myself.
5. Gucci belt – I am losing weight which is incredible! But I am not losing enough to warrant purchasing new clothes, I’m stuck in that awkward in between sizes stage, so I thought getting a belt would help solve some of that issue, and then I can still use the belt after I’ve changed sizes. I picked this one simply because it would match my purse!
6. Passport – This has been on my wish list for years! I am hoping to get it done in January! I have my first abroad travel trip in May, so I need to get it sorted ASAP to be honest.
7. Myleene Klass suitcase’s – You may have seen these featured in my a gift guide for her and that’s because I am really want them! To buy the whole sort of collection I am looking at over £200 so I am definitely going to save up for them!
8. Driving lessons – Guess who’s allowed to start driving? That’s right! It’s me! I already know what car I want, how much insurance will cost me and everything, but I need to do my lessons first. I know they’re not overly expensive, but it’s just finding the spare money and time to take the lessons.

That’s all I am really wishing for to be honest with you, I think after the year I’ve had, I’ve learnt not to ask for too much and to not take anything I have for granted. I know that if I work hard then I will be able to you treat myself to these things I mean only two of them on my list or essentials.
I would love to know what you have on your wish list or just anything you have asked for in general, thank you so much for reading I’m sorry and my list isn’t as amazing as last year’s was, last year I wanted a range rover and everything but this year I have added more reasonable things that I could use for years.
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Sending you lots of love and festive cheer,
A x



  1. December 10, 2018 / 3:54 am

    Hope you get all of them! xx

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