How my day has been #21

How my day has been #21


How are you? I hope you’re having a wonderful Monday. How has school and Uni been?

Tonight I thought I’d bring back an old classic post. I’ve not written a “How my day has been” post since June! That was 3 months ago. I wanted to do a real chatty post and I thought why not give you a bit of an update.

Today has been a real tough day, in all honesty, I have hated today. I woke up at 4am! I’ve not had a nap, I’m exhausted and to top it off, I almost collapsed because my chest is so bad! I’ll get into that soon.

Today we had a new boiler fitted. I was absolutely delighted! Well that delightedness soon faded when I found out that my heater still doesn’t work! Time for a new heater I guess.

I was stuck in my front room from 7:30am and 1:40pm! That’s a lot of time to be spending in one room without having any food, drink or access to pee and oh trust me, I needed to pee!

I decided to start to writing this post because the dog is finally asleep and I have a few hours to spare. Once the men finally left, I headed to my mum’s for bacon sandwiches for lunch.

I headed back home, cleaned up my room, replied to some messages and worked out some new posts. This evening I walked the dog, I had to walk him on my own and he isn’t easy to walk! My chest started to get really tight, I was gasping for air! It was such a horrible experience, my body was shaking, the dog was going mental and I honestly didn’t know what was happening. I couldn’t sit down, I wasn’t able to call for help because I didn’t have my phone and I was genuinely scared.

This evening I’ve had to take my inhaler way too many times, my nan got a little worried because I was really struggling to breathe. I’m in a lot of pain, it’s really hard not to cry which sounds ridiculous!

I’m definitely heading back to the doctor’s as soon as possible to find out why I haven’t got any better, I know there was talk of me going to hospital and so maybe they’ll do you a chest x-ray or something like that.

Today has just been really crap and being stuck in a room for so long and having my chest hurt so much I definitely wish today went in lot quicker! I am however glad it is over I am I really to get into bed and just sleep.

I know I have spoken to a few of you today regarding your first day at uni, I hope you’re all settling in well and I hope you all the stay safe tonight! I am always here if you need to talk to anyone, I know starting a new place can be really scary but I am here to give you any advice or just be a friend.

So that is my little update, I hope you have all had a wonderful day, I have a new interview going up tomorrow at 7pm, so why not head back here then and take a read!

Sending you lots of love,

A x


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