Review: FadeOut day and night cream

Review: FadeOut day and night cream


Happy Thursday lovelies! I’m really sorry for the late post, I’ve had a super busy day and I’ve only just found time to edit this. I promise tomorrow’s will be more organized!

Tonight I am finally sharing my opinion on the Fade-out day and night cream that was gifted to me a few months ago. The plan was, I use these creams every day for four weeks and share my experience. It’s been a little more than four weeks, but we finally made it!

My first thoughts

My face is super sensitive, I have to be super careful with what I’m wearing. I can’t put too many products on my face, hence why I don’t vary from my usual products because I know that they work and don’t cause a reaction.

The promise of using this cream was that I was going to see a difference in my skin tone. It was going to help with my acne and fix my dark circles and blemishes. The deal was to use the cream everyday for the four weeks in order to see a difference.

Before I started, I had horrendous dark circles under my eyes (lack of sleep does that to you) and I was having a mild breakout. So I couldn’t wait to use it.

After a week

After using this continuously for 7 days, I can’t say I actually noticed any changes. My dark circles were still dark and I had more breakout patches. I wasn’t very hopeful for the next week.

Week two

My face was starting to clear up from spots and my red patches were starting to go. I used this three times a day instead of two because I wanted to help it fight against the problems. My dark circles were becoming darker though!

Week three

I noticed a whole lot of changes, my skin wasn’t as dry as it had been, even after using my scrub, it wasn’t peeling off. My dark circles which I had a lot of trouble with in the first two weeks were finally becoming lighter, they wasn’t so in your face and I didn’t look like I was suffering from two black eyes. I hadn’t found any new breakout patches and I didn’t have a single spot on my face.

The last week

They always say, things start to really kick in, in the last few days, and this is so true! My skin had never looked so good! No breakouts, no red patches, no peeling skin. My face was still a little red but that’s due to how sensitive my skin is. It generally looked like I had been to a professional and had them work on my face. I couldn’t get over how smooth and clear everything looked. I was even able to take a bomb selfie!


I still use this cream everyday and night. I’m getting a little low on it now and dreading it when I run out because my skin is definitely the best it has ever been. I’ve not suffered from any more dryness, no more breakouts and my redness is subsiding. I feel confident in my own skin.

I would 100% recommend this, even if your skin is sensitive, it still works and targets your main areas. I would rate this a strong 4.5/5!

Thank you so much for reading, again, I apologize for this post being late. I’m never planning so many things for one day!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this review. I’d love to know if you have reviewed any Fade-out products too, if you have, leave a link in the comments and I’ll head on over and take a read.

I’ll see you again tomorrow, I hope you have a wonderful evening!


A x


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