July: Favourites


Happy Friday my loves! I hope you have had an amazing day and an amazing week. I know you are having a little MIA recently but, I am working on my best content for next month and I am planning some really cool things for Christmas as well.

July is almost over and I can tell you that I have definitely not enjoyed this month, July is just a shitty month in general for me apart from my sisters and my dad’s birthday there’s not really anything to celebrate. If I had the chance to I would 100% skip this month.

Saying that I have managed to find a few favourites so let’s jump straight into them.

My July Favourites

1. Marie alarm clock

This is the cutest alarm clock ever! I don’t actually use the alarm section because I don’t wanna wake up to an alarm but isn’t this the most adorable clock. The character is from a Disney film I’m not 100% sure what film it is so if you know leave a comment below, it’s pink it’s cute and it just goes well with my bedroom. And I really like cats so I think that’s why it’s on my favourites.

2. Victoria Secrets romantic body spray

I have never throw anything from Victoria secrets before I have had a lot of great things about their fragrances so I thought I would buy one and see what the hype was all about. Turns out they should have 100% been a height this is the best thing ever, I walk into work and I get so many compliments for smelling and I and everyone wants to buy it now. I am definitely going to your purchase some more of their fragrances just as bag perfumes for when I am out and about.

3. Revolution sunkissed highlighter in the shade peach kiss

I have never tried anything from revolution before, it’s not really a brand that I would go towards because I’ve not read many reviews on their products. But I purchased a magazine which had this as a freebie inside and my goodness, it’s the bomb! I glow 24/7!! My highlight has never looked so good. This is such a natural shade so I didn’t think it would make an effect but I was wrong! Definitely going to be trying more from the brand.

4. NuSkin whitening fluoride toothpaste

I I received this as part of a giveaway prize and I’m so glad and that I did. I have been using the janina whitening toothpaste since I tried it a from Brodie and stone and I have absolutely loved it but I ran out a few weeks ago and I haven’t been anywhere too purchase a new one yet, so this couldn’t have come at a better time. My teeth are so white and they look so healthy and I am definitely going to be using natural teeth whitening toothpaste like this one and the Janina brand to because they just work so well.

5. Cilest (contraceptive pill)

I am in no way promoting this product I have added it to my favorites because this has been a total lifesaver in terms of managing my periods. I’m going to do a whole post about the different contraceptives I’ve tried and my whole period struggles so I thought I would just warn you for that because I know that can be a little work TMI for some people. To cut a long story short I suffer with horrendous irregular are periods I have blood clots when I’m on my period and it’s just a general and shit and painful time for me. These have helped me in terms of getting a regular period. They are still horrendous and painful but at least they are now regular and I’m not having any bleed through or breakouts.

6. Boss ass quote bullclips

I don’t actually know what these are called on a board clips I don’t think they’re paperclips are they because they’re the little thin ones but anyway these are amazing. They have some inspirational quotes on them and I just think they’re pretty kick ass for stationery. I am currently using them to you all together my forensic science work as I am taking a second course in forensic science just because I really enjoyed the subject and I have nothing better to do.

7. NuSkin tinted self-tanning gel

for those of you that know me know that I am like Casper the Friendly Ghost, I am so pale it is unbelievable, even with this blazing heat we’ve had it’s not changed my skin colour at all if anything I think I’ve got paler. I want this as my main prize in a giveaway and I am literally obsessed. I use this every couple of days it’s very easy to apply it’s super effective, I went bronze super fast and it wasn’t patchy which is always a good thing. I actually have someone colours to me now and I am loving the subtle glow that I have.

8. Myself

My my last favourite is he the one but this month I have been loving myself. I have been losing weight and feeling so much better about myself I have a lot more confidence and I smile a lot more, I think after last month being somewhat terrible I definitely needed a change and I think this month I got that and I have embraced it. I am now doing so well I just thought I would congratulate myself and show myself that I am proud of everything that I’ve achieved so far.

That’s it for my favourites I hope you have enjoyed reading them, I’m sorry this post is a little bit late I have been chilling with my nan and just having some downtime. I will be back tomorrow with a brand new post in the meantime I would love to read your favourites so either drop a comment of your top three favourite this month or link me to your favourites post.

I look forward to seeing you lovely lot tomorrow I hope you have a wonderful evening.

Lots of love,


9 Replies to “July: Favourites”

  1. *Ahem* Marie is from Aristocats one of the most underrated Disney movies EVER!! Marie is actually one of my favourite Disney characters because she’s a bossy boss ass princess and doesn’t let anyone treat her as anything less than what she knows she deserves!! xx p.s that selfie at the end is FIT your confidence is definitely shinning through babes xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No that’s in Lady and the Tramp 🙂 Aristocats has “Everybody wants to be a cat because a cats the only cat who knows where its at” or ummmm ” I’m thomas O mally O mally the alley cat” xx

        Liked by 1 person

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