My current hair care favourites

My current hair care favourites


Happy Monday! How are you? So many of you have finished school for the summer, which is very exciting! Do you have any plans? I know quite a few of you are on/are going on holiday. I love seeing your pictures (I’m so totally not jealous – I swear!) I can’t wait to eventually go on holiday myself.

Anyway, tonight’s post isn’t about holiday’s (that’s coming up this week in a collaboration!) I thought I would share my current hair care favourites. Last month, I had my hair cut short, like dramatically short compared to it’s old length and I have absolutely loved it! I have had time where I miss my long hair, but it’s so easy to manage now it’s short.

One thing I noticed after having it cut short is that my hair seems to get greasy a day after washing it. I’ve never really suffered from greasy hair, I washed my hair every other day, used cold water to wash out the conditioner etc., but now that it’s short, I am having to wash it everyday because it looks and feel so unclean! I’m not sure if that’s normal or not, so I decided I would change my hair care products to see if that makes any difference.

Usually my hair is dry, it was full of split ends and I suffer from a dry scalp, so I had been using the TRESemme Moisture rich Luxurious moisture shampoo and conditioner. This has definitely improved the damage that I had caused, I use to blow-dry my hair without using heat protection spray which is a big nono for your hair, I also use to straighten my hair when it was wet so I was essentially it just killing my hair.

Using the TRESemme shampoo and conditioner I have definitely noticed that my hair has more life to it my scalp is also not as irritated which is a huge thing because I have suffered with a bad scalp for years.

The shampoo smells okay, it’s not a bad smell for me I prefer it if it had a sort of sweet smell but that’s just personal preference. The product doesn’t come out too thick it’s not too thin it’s easy to you just wack in your hair and wash straight out.

The conditioner smells like the shampoo again the product isn’t too thick and it’s not too thin, it goes in your hair really well, easy to wash off under the cold water which by the way you should always do. It definitely makes my hair look more alive once it has dried naturally.

Moving on to the Natural World hair coconut milk hydration and shine collection, I won this in a giveaway that they hold on Instagram, I actually managed to win a set for Sophie to which was amazing.

I absolutely love coconut products I feel that they work the best for me. The shampoo is absolutely amazing, it is a little runny out then the TRESemme shampoo but it does such an amazing job at reviving my hair and making my hair look good and smell incredible too.

One thing I love about the coconut stampy is that it has 95% natural derived ingredients and it has 0% parabens, phosphatase, dyes, gluten.

The coconut conditioner is also amazing, it is a little too thick it does almost stick in my hair but it does a wash out under cold water which is great. Again this has 95% natural derived ingredients and 0% parabens and a thing as I mentioned above.

As you can imagine this smells absolutely incredible, definitely a smell I am happy to have around my face all the time. In the giveaway I will say one some coconut oil which is the best thing ever. I reviewed coconut oil before big ears Brodie and stone kind me and sent me in a PR package and I absolutely loved it and I have actually just run out so this was perfect timing.

I put the same once I have towel dried my hair and then I let my hair dry naturally because I now don’t use a hair dryer or straighteners or curlers. Honestly it makes my hair feel a million dollars, even though I’m not American so I guess it’s a million pounds but that doesn’t sound as good.

To brush my to brush my hair I use my rose gold tangle teezer, I feel this is definitely a lot Kinder to the hair it doesn’t pull as much and I mean it’s rose gold of course I’m going to use it. It definitely helps to hold the life in my hair because it doesn’t flatten it so that’s another bonus.

They are my current hair care favourites if you know any other brands or you have a favourite brand do let me know in the comments below I am always looking to find new products to use in my hair.

Thank you so much for Reading I’m sorry this post is a little late but I hope you have enjoyed it anyway if you did be short sleeve it a huge thumbs up and leave me a comment below of your favourite summer scent.

I love you all I will be back tomorrow with a new interview post I can’t wait to see you all there.


A x



  1. June 18, 2018 / 8:28 pm

    Girly you’re so brave getting your hair chopped from so long to so short! Mines down to my waist now; I’ve been growing it for years. It definitely seems annoying to manage at times but it’s taken so long to grow I don’t want to lose it :’) . That coconut collection sounds absolutely fabulous! And especially so as I like my natural beauty products. I wonder if it’s vegan?

    P.S so excited for your holiday collabs! 😀 😀 😀

    Ellie Xx

    • June 18, 2018 / 8:33 pm

      I feel mine is growing back a lot quicker then it would do if I only had a small amount cut off. I can’t wait for it to be long again though! Yes, it’s vegan and cruelty free! You should definitely check it out, I know they do other ones like argon oil for example.

      Thanks so much Ellie, if you ever want to collaborate, feel free to send me a message! I’d love to work with you too. ❤️ Xx

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