How my day has been #20

How my day has been #20


Happy Sunday lovelies! How are you all?

I hope you have had the most amazing Sunday, for all my dad bloggers I hope you’ve had the best Father’s Day, for any dad’s reading this I hope that you have been truly spoilt.

I am I am pretty sure my dad’s had a good Father’s Day, unfortunately she has not been able to rest, my mum and I had to go to work so he had to drop us off and pick us up. We did spoil him though, we brought him some gifts which he really likes and I went home and had dinner with him and the rest of the family which is also nice.

Today has been an okay day, I had work which wasn’t actually that bad, it definitely went a lot quicker than it did yesterday. I came home and had a well needed nap. Unfortunately I still have my issue with my salivary glands, I do you have a hospital appointment on the 4th of July so I’m going to have to get some more antibiotics because the problem just isn’t getting better it’s getting worse.

In general I’m feeling okay, at the moment I always seem to feel down and genuinely unhappy and I don’t know what I don’t have a reason for it, but I feel like I want to curl up in a ball and cry all the time. It could just be my hormones where I have recently been put on the pill. I honestly can’t remember the side effects because it’s been years since I’ve been on it but, I’m putting it down to the fact that I’m on the pill and my body is just adjusting to that.

My weight loss is going well I am still losing weight which is amazing unfortunately my skin isn’t representing a healthy I am being but that is definitely down to the pill, the pill makes me have loads of acne, obviously I am doing my skincare routine day and night I just need for my hormones to settle down for my skincare to start working again.

My social life is complete shite, literally no one is even bothered anymore, the only time I’ve had messages at the moment is to slag of one of my friends, which isn’t great! Although one of my friends into hosting summer lunch time gathering I was kindly invited to, I am definitely going I am already trying to find outfit I obviously don’t want to buy one yet because I’m still losing weight but I want to find something really cute to wear.

I don’t really have summer plans, I am having a few days with my sister as she will be turning 18 in July and I want to make it super special for her. I am also doing a spa night with her at the end of the month because she isn’t going to prom, so I said that I would do something special with her instead.

I’m hoping to collaborate with some brands for my spa night because I want to do a huge blog post on it. Not only will there be face mask and other beauty skin care related products, I will be buying pizza will be having brownies glasses of wine matching PJs, just something really special and memorable for her.

So if you are a brand or if you generally want to get involved in any way I would love to be able to include you in my post, you can email me on and we will get back to you as soon as I can, I usually take 2 to 5 business days due to working but I do reply to every email I receive.

I think that’s all to be honest I’m currently in bed in my pj’s about to you read Twilight for the millionth time, now that I have set up my new look shall I am determined to read my books top to bottom and in order. I’m about to put on my night-time fade Out cream I’ve not really seen a difference so far but it hasn’t been that long so I am going to stick at it and see if it does make any difference.

Thank you so much for Reading, I am currently working on updating my social Media’s so once that is done I will link all of them below and I might even do a post on it and just do a run through of what I share on each platform and why you should follow me.

I hope you have enjoyed my post if you have let me know by leaving a like and comment below what you have done today, if you don’t like this post and you have some constructive criticism do you leave a comment below so I can improve my work and make it the best it possibly can be.

I’m sending you all lots of love,

A x


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