March: Goal review

March: Goal review

Hello lovelies,

First of all, I want to apologise for completely messing up my schedule. It was 100% my fault because I decided not to upload on Friday and Saturday but I am doing my best to fix it. I am planning on uploading everyday this week just to get on top of things so next week can go back to normal. I cannot change my Interview segment date because it’s unfair on the guest but I will fix everything else around it. This means I could possibly be uploading on Sunday too! So far I am uploading on Thursday at 8pm as an extra date, but we will see how things go and see if I can get away with not uploading a post and scheduling it for a later date. I will keep you updated on my social medias.

Thank you for understanding, I will now get onto what this post is actually about. It’s time to review my monthly goals. If you have followed me from the start, you would know that I have completely sucked at keeping my goals and I haven’t done any better this month! Here is a little recap of what I set myself.

March goals recap:

  1. Daily vlog – I tried weekly vlogging and managed to do six weeks until I was ill and had a hamster face. I loved vlogging my life, it was never interesting but ii enjoyed it anyway. So I decided to try daily vlogging for a month, by daily I mean Monday – Friday because I can’t vlog on the weekends. My first daily vlog is uploading as we speak, you can find my channel here.
  2. Go out and photograph things – Last month I stayed in the whole time and it sucked so bad, I hate being told I can’t go out because I feel like I am being trapped but I was just to ill to go anywhere. I think the highlight of last month was my two doctor visits. I have missed being able to photograph things, so this month I am going to go out once a week and take some snaps.
  3. Drink green tea – When I did my food shop I brought myself some green tea because it helps boost you and with me dieting this month, I can really use all the boosting. So the aim is to have green tea instead of normal tea because of its healthy benefits.
  4. Read 2 books – So I am attempting to read every book I own plus more, but this time I have a structured plan, I am going to read my books from the top downwards, checking them off my list as I go, that way I know what I have read and haven’t read.
  5. Drink more water – I tend to drink tea or Ribena, there really is no in between. Water is obviously the healthier option, so in hope that I lose weight, I am going to be consuming healthier options.
  6. Blog everyday – I have a second blog and this month my aim is to upload on there everyday, tracking my progress and keeping up-to-date with my diet so I can see where I went wrong or right with this challenge.
  7. More selfies – I am my biggest hater, I can find all of my imperfections within seconds and that leads to self doubt. I need to grow up and realise I am never going to look like Khloe Kardashian, and I actually don’t look that bad. Yes I have bags under my eyes, acne breakouts, a scar across my nose and annoying wholes in my face, but would I be me without them?
  8. Cut off friendships – This is something I don’t want to do but it’s the healthiest thing to do, mentally and physically. All the negativity around needs to leave.
  9. Take better care of my hair – My hair is an absolute state, it hasn’t been cut for well over a year, the colour is disgusting where my natural colour is coming back through, I use heat on it a lot which causes damage as does the fact I wear it up all the time. I was my hair 3 times a week but that’s all I do treatment wise, so I need to invest in some hair care products.
  10. Live in the now – I need to stop looking over my shoulder worrying what if and live in the now. Life is short, we don’t know how much time we have so live in moment and do all the things you want to do and have no regrets. So I am going to do exactly that and not worry about what people have to say about it or me.

I thought they were pretty great goals, they still are I just sucked at sticking to them. Shall we see how well I actually did. Let’s go through them one by one so I can come up with some kind of excuse as to why I didn’t reach them.

March goal review:

  1. Daily vlog – I didn’t achieve this one. If I haven’t been in bed or at the doctors ill, I have been working so I just haven’t had a break. I am vlogging in April though because I do miss it.
  2. Go out and photograph things – Going outside would have been a blooming miracle! I think the only times I went out was to go to the doctors, to go to work or to pick my brother up from the farm.
  3. Drink green tea – I had I think two cups of green tea. I have kind of stayed away from tea in general. I have been on water or juice because I found that the more tea I drank, the more times I needed a pee and it wasn’t great.
  4. Read 2 books – I almost achieved this, I am half way through the second book. I read Louise Pentland’s Wilde like me book for the fourth time and now I am enjoying One of us lying by Karen M. McManus.
  5. Drink more water – Nailed this one! As I said, I didn’t really drink a lot of tea so I had to find an alternative and because I hate coffee, my only other option was water/water based.
  6. Blog everyday – I decided to scrap this idea. I have this blog which is doing so well and I don’t want to end up neglecting this one because this is by far the best blog I have and I am always so happy with my content. I am always putting 110% into this blog so I have decided I will stick to this. I do have a second blog that is linked to this, it’s I don’t have any posts on there yet, but I created it accidently so I guess at some point (when I fill this blog up) I will start to use that one.
  7. More selfies – I semi completed this too. I took more selfies, but I didn’t keep them. I over thought each picture and I came up with so many flaws. I need to stop being so hard on myself though because otherwise I will damage my Instagram feed (joking!)
  8. Cut off friendships – I had to cut off a friendship that I never thought I would have too! This is the worst feeling and honestly it left me in tears but I cannot keep being pulled into negative situations. I am just getting into a really good place.
  9. Take better care of my hair – I still haven’t gone to the hair dressers to get it cut but it does look and feel so much better! It’s in a better condition, it’s even thicker now! I just need to get it cut and shaped and it will look great.
  10. Live in the now – I still need to master this. I worry too much about my future and if I make mistakes that will later have an effect on that or someone else’s future. I am working on not worrying as much.

As you can see, I really didn’t do great and I should really stop setting myself goals because I never ever achieve them, but you guessed it, I will be uploading an April’s goal review post on Wednesday.

I hope you enjoyed my post, again I am sorry that it’s late and caused an issue with my schedule. If you did enjoy this post, drop a like and comment below a goal I should set myself for April.

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful evening,


A x


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