A pamper day

Hey Huns,

Happy Monday lovelies! I am in such a great mood today, even though I feel ill. The sun is shinning today and it’s not that cold either so today I decided to take a well needed day off and just pamper myself. So I thought I would do a post on it because why not right?

A’s pamper day

I woke up this morning at around 8am (which is early for me when I am ill) and decided today is the day I will have a me day and do something for me and stop putting others or things above me. I started my day by having a cup of tea (the standard) and decided to have breakfast too. That’s such a treat for me.

I headed back upstairs and just chilled for a bit, I think I spent an hour and a half just scrolling through my socials, liking random things and just enjoying a little peace and quiet. I decided to get up and go for a shower. I wont lie, I hadn’t showered in about 4 days, my hair was disgusting, I genuinely looked disgusting and I felt disgusting too. I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind and I just lacked all energy, which I know, it’s so gross, but when you’re in a mental slum it’s actually really difficult to do anything.

Anyway, after my shower I decided I would treat my hair so I used come coconut hair oil before I let my hair dry naturally because I have damaged it with heat a lot recently. I have blow dried it, straightened it and curled it multiple times. If you didn’t know, washing your hair everyday is actually bad for it, so I tend to wash it every three to four days.

After that, I decided to do a proper skincare routine, I haven’t done a full on routine in about four days and I am starting to break out, so I pulled out my trusted Simple skincare products and treated my skin. I’ll leave a picture below of all the products I used.

For me, a pamper day isn’t just about the products you use or the bubble baths or making yourself feel good, for me its also about looking after your mind and physical wellbeing, so today I did things that has made me feel a lot better within myself. I’m still ill (I think I have caught a horrible school bug) but my mind feels fresh and I am feeling positive. I had a good read of my Fearne Cotton Happy book that I received for my birthday. I totally recommend it, you can purchase it for a really low price from Amazon (not sponsored).

I also had a little social media detox and unfollowed a few people that I just wasn’t loving. It wasn’t anything against them, I just didn’t connect to their style anymore, I didn’t feel that connection. I also unfollowed a few people who just gave me the wrong kind of vibe. I know how stupid that sounds, but being in a bad place and seeing people post negative things does really hit me and I just don’t need that when I am trying to build myself up.

After a very bad weekend I decided to do some unfriending too. I had to cut a friendship with someone I cared a lot about, but the feeling wasn’t mutual and even when I tried to help them when they were struggling, it was thrown back in my face and I was left feeling like crap. I decided to block this person on all sites, even ones he didn’t follow because I don’t want to him to be able to contact me again when things get rough. I would like to thank those of you who messaged me following my rant about the situation on my Instagram and Twitter, I really appreciate the kind words.

I am spending my evening watching Louise Pentland weekly vlog, sipping a cup of tea and reading a couple more chapters of my book and I’ll probably fall asleep by 11pm because I am very lazy and I need my beauty sleep. After this post has gone up, I’m going to chat with you guys and share my post around and then hit my book.

So I think I’m going to end this post here. Thank you for reading. I’d love to have a chat with you all so leave a comment below, it could be about anything, I didn’t really mind what we talk about (we all know I’m a bit of a chatterbox). I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did, don’t forget to leave a like so I know if I should do more posts like this.

My blog will be changing on Thursday so on Friday on it will look a little different but nothing too major I promise!

Anyway, that’s enough from me,


A x

23 Replies to “A pamper day”

  1. Love this post, there is nothing better than a self-care day to get you in a better frame of mind, and i totally agree its not all about the physical but also about the psychological aspect, hope you’ve had a lovely chilled day x

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  2. Totally agree that a Me day isn’t just about having a bubble bath and lighting some candles its about resetting your mind and unwinding! I like to log out of my social media on those days block notifications and put on a guided meditation on my Calm app and then do things i enjoy like scrapbooking or reading or listening to music and it is genuinely amazing how much better you feel!! Hope your back to your happy sparkly self soon hunny always here if you need a chat xx

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      1. Glad to hear it hun! I honestly think you would love the app it has breathing exercises, sleep stories, guided meditation, anxiety stress and sleep exercises and daily positive quotes it has changed my life!! x

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      2. I do love a good quote and it could help me sleep. I’m definitely going download it now and try it tonight (I may be just a little eager) I’m so glad it’s helped you xx

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  3. Heyyyy! Get well soon! Loved how you stressed upon the well being of ones mental condition to when it comes to pampering one’s ownself. And unfollowing people who radiate negativity or the ones I dont connect with is surely I thing that I would do if I feel low. May things start falling into place for you soon. Much love💜

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  4. I really agree to me time it’s a necessity for me every Sunday is Debbie’s time and yes they are people you give your all to but the feeling isn’t mutual, to protect your mental health you just have to let go no matter how hard it is ,currently going through this but anyways life goes on
    I hope you had a lovely day and you’re ready to face whatever life brings

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    1. I love that you’ve dedicated a day just for you, I might try that (although I’ll probably worry that I’m being too selfish ((stupid mind). Unfortunately it’s a part of life, but you’ll take with you the lesson that they taught you and it’ll shape your life in more ways than one. Thank you hun, my mind certainly feels fresh and clear, now to working on my immune system (haha) xx


      1. I’m glad you’re feeling great but sometimes in order to be selfless you must be selfish how can you love others if you don’t love yourself but then again there’s a fine line between selflessness and being selfish

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  5. I love how you included both mental and physical health in this self-care day as I feel like so many people neglect mental health on a self-care day. I hope you’re feeling better now, feeling ill is never pleasant. xx

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