How my day has been #6

How my day has been #6


Happy Saturday my lovelies, how are you? Have you had another snow day? Personally I am sick of the snow, the found the first two days were great but now, I just want it to leave. The worst part is the wind that comes with it, it’s so mean! By mean I mean that it literally blows through you instead of politely go round you.

Today I wont lie has been shite. I woke up at 9am which isn’t that bad but my hand was throbbing. Basically I have some sort of infection and it’s trapped under my thumb down the side of my hand and into my wrist. I am now having to call in sick to work for tomorrow because I just can’t use it. My GP yesterday told me not to go to work either but I thought I would be fine, I’m so not fine. My hand feels almost paralysed and that’s not even exaggerating I just cannot move it.

I had an email this morning to let me know that a package I ordered last week was finally on its way so I have stayed in bed waiting for it to arrive while planning next weeks posts, watching Black Mirror and listening to a bit of Machine Gun Kelly. I have had quite a few naps too but I still feel exhausted. Have any of you seen Black Mirror on Netflix? I’m a tad confused by it, I just don’t understand the whole concept. I had a Birchbox delivery today, but I am sending it back because I didn’t set up an account with them, yet I have been charged so I messaged them and they were so lovely. I’m getting a full refund on all three months that I have been charged. I would keep it but I don’t think that’s right because I didn’t set up the account, yes I have paid for it but someone else could have that box instead of me.

I had a bacon sandwich for lunch and my mum accidently burnt it and for dinner I had sausage and chips, then for dessert I had ice-cream. That is literally all I have had to eat because 1) I’m on a diet so I wont eat that much and 2) I’m just not hungry, so instead I have been drinking tea all day to keep my sugar levels up. My parcel finally arrived at 5pm and I was looking out of my window to check to see if he was coming to my house, he saw me and waved the package at me and smiled. I have some pretty cool delivery guys. I’ve opened up my order and I am missing an item! I am so annoyed, I have waited a week for this to arrive and I don’t even have everything I ordered. On the plus side though, the present I brought my mum for mothers day fits her so it’s all good.

I am currently laying in bed feeling like crap, I am so tired but I wanted to update this some more and talk about my shop before I fall asleep, so I am catching up on some Youtube videos at the same time.

I think that’s all I have to say about my day, all I have done in this post is complain so I apologise for that, next weeks will hopefully be a lot better. Before I go, I want to do a little update on my shop because things have changed.

About my shop

If you didn’t know, I have my very own shop where I am selling three different types of popsockets. You can find my shop here. I sell my popsockets for £18 each because it costs £15 to create the popsocket and then costs £2 for postage, so I am making £1 profit which isn’t a lot. I have three designs, I did have four, but one of them just wasn’t reaching the same selling point as the others so I have replaced it.

I am now selling hampers on my shop. They range from £20- £30 and are catered for specific things. Each hamper has a minimum of eight products and has free delivery. Here is a list of hampers I am selling, if you think of more, just drop me a comment and I will see what I can do:

  • Mothers day hamper £20
  • 16th Birthday hamper (boy) or (girl) £25
  • 18th Birthday hamper (boy) or girl) £25
  • 21st Birthday hamper (boy) or (girl) £25
  • It’s a boy! hamper £30
  • It’s a girl! hamper £30

That is all for tonight’s post, I am now going to get some sleep. Thank you all so much for reading. If you enjoyed this rambly, not so great post, leave a like and comment below how your day has been.

I would love for you all to check out my shop, you don’t have to buy anything, it’ll just be nice if you checked it out. I’ll be back here tomorrow with an awards post which is exciting.



A x



  1. March 4, 2018 / 9:45 am

    We had enough snow to look pretty but not to disrupt things too much. There was one day the roads really struggled but luckily it was my day off!
    Tori |
    Latest blog post: Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

    • March 4, 2018 / 9:48 am

      You’re so lucky! The first day of snow and we end up with 6 inches 🙈 I’m so happy it’s finally melting

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