Stocking Fillers

Stocking Fillers


Happy Wednesday, how are you all? Another week nearly over, can you believe how quickly this month is going?

By now, I can imagine that most of you have your Christmas decorations up, and that includes your stockings. I find that filling stockings are a lot harder than trying to find presents for people. Do you find it hard too? Sometimes I just want to fill them up with sweets and chocolate, but it’s not very ideal. So to help myself and any of you who face the same struggle, I have come up with a list of great stocking fillers.

Stocking fillers for him

  1. Fidget cube
  2. Instant air hockey
  3. Star Wars origami
  4. Power bank
  5. Sudokube
  6. Remote control wall climbing car
  7. Personalised lighter
  8. Anti fart pills
  9. Boobie hand warmers
  10. Addictaball maze
  11. Wallet
  12. Star Wars shot glasses
  13. Man flu survival kit
  14. Smartphone gloves
  15. Beer/ any alcohol beverage

Stocking fillers for her

  1. Selfie light
  2. Power bank
  3. Zip earphones
  4. Cocktail bath melts
  5. Personalised make-up brush holder
  6. Candle
  7. Nail varnish
  8. Prosecco pong
  9. Wine
  10. Box of chocolates
  11. Necklace
  12. Perfume
  13. Make-up
  14. Sleep mask
  15. Mug

Stocking fillers for kids

  1. Virtual pet
  2. Make your own chocolate pizza
  3. Bluetooth silicone shower speaker
  4. Personalised book
  5. Magical fairy garden
  6. Snow globe
  7. Slime
  8. Phone case
  9. Pens/pad
  10. Chocolate
  11. Sweets
  12. Gloves
  13. Torch
  14. Grow your own girlfriend/boyfriend
  15. Whoopee cushion

Other fun stocking fillers

  • Chocolate Brussel sprouts
  • Bouncy ball
  • Cards against humanity
  • Selfie stick
  • Sketch and sniff pencils
  • Money box
  • Festive socks
  • Gummy bacon
  • Joke book
  • Bracelets
  • Colouring book

That my lovelies is all the ideas I have. I don’t do the whole hanging a stocking thing anymore, but I hope I have given those of you who do some inspiration. I would love to know if you still hang out stockings and if you do, what do you get in them? Leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the post, if you did don’t forget to leave a like and a comment. Have a wonderful evening and enjoy the rest of your week.

Stay safe,

A x

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  1. December 13, 2017 / 10:32 pm

    Love these stock fillers ideas Alanna ,Great post as always😄

    • December 13, 2017 / 10:33 pm

      Thank you 💕 xx

  2. December 14, 2017 / 12:41 am

    Hi. There is some great ideas there. Might have to do my own stocking filler.

    • December 14, 2017 / 12:42 am

      Thank you 😊 xx

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