50 things to do before Christmas

50 things to do before Christmas


Welcome back and happy Wednesday. Are you happy that it’s mid-week? I can honestly tell you, I can’t wait until the weekend is here, I just want to sleep all day.

I thought because we are in December, I would stick to the whole Christmas theme, so here I am with another Christmas post. If you missed it, I uploaded The Christmas Tag on Monday, so give that a read if you fancy getting yourself into the spirit. As for now, here are 50 things you should do before Christmas.

50 things you need to do before Christmas

  1. Put up Christmas lights in your room.
  2. Decorate the tree
  3. Decorate a ginger bread house
  4. Read a Christmas book
  5. Do a Christmas movie marathon
  6. Drink as much hot chocolate as humanly possible
  7. Hunt for the Christmas lights on display
  8. Watch Elf
  9. Cozy up by the fire
  10. Bake cinnamon rolls
  11. Have a PJ day
  12. Make New Year plans
  13. Light all your Christmas candles
  14. Play a family board game
  15. Go for a winter walk
  16. Wrap presents
  17. Go ice-skating
  18. Write & send Christmas cards
  19. Create some festive DIY’s
  20. Hang your stockings
  21. Go shopping
  22. Take part in a charity gift send
  23. Create the ultimate winter playlist
  24. Make your own paper snowflakes
  25. If it snows, go sledding
  26. Hang mistletoe
  27. Create a blanket fort for a movie night
  28. Eat s’mores
  29. Again if it snows, snowball fight
  30. Start a new Christmas tradition
  31. Make some eggnog, alcoholic and non alcoholic for children
  32. Have a bonfire
  33. Design your own wrapping paper
  34. Look at snow globes
  35. Wear a Christmas jumper
  36. Knit your own scarf – at least attempt too
  37. Go carolling
  38. Spend the day in a coffee shop
  39. Start your advent calendar – do not cheat!
  40. Help a homeless person find shelter for Christmas
  41. Have a winter photoshoot
  42. Own a million pairs of fluffy socks
  43. Spend time with family
  44. Try a new recipe
  45. Bake some goods
  46. Spend a day without your phone/s
  47. Go on a girls trip
  48. Find your perfect red lipstick
  49. Make now angels
  50. Build a snowman or snowwoman

So, that is all 50 thing you should before Christmas, it’ll help you get into your spirit after completing this journey. I know there is a lot to do, I one day hope om completing everything on your list, your spirit flies out of you.




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      Thank you 💕 xx

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