This is it

Hello my loves,

Well this is strange! After I completely failed at my last Blogmas on this blog, I took some well needed time for myself to rest.

Christmas this year was definitely an odd one, it was my first Christmas with just me and my Dad since my parents split up. We made the most of what we had and I loved spending time with him.

2019 has been one hell of a year and I am beyond grateful for everything that I have experienced, that being from working with amazing brands and charities this year, but also travelling and meeting the love of my life.

This year was the first year that I truly found love! I started the year in a toxic relationship, thankfully I got out of that pretty quick. After that, I met Jack and found myself experiencing some incredible memories!

For the first time ever I travelled on my own, all the way to Macclesfield, twice! I also made my first ever trip to Somerset and to Cardiff which was amazing! I’ll never forget that moment. I made so many beach trips too, who knew I liked the sun so much!

I learnt how to accept my body this year, I learnt how to swim too, I learnt that the best things happen when you least expect them.

2020 is going to be the most amazing year for me, I’ll be leaving this blog and the incredible opportunities behind me in order to start a new chapter, but I am so grateful to every single one of you who have been there through this!

I wish you all the very best!

For the very last time,

Sending you all my love

A x


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