Blogmas day ten: Things that drive me crazy about Christmas

Blogmas day ten: Things that drive me crazy about Christmas

Happy Monday!

Welcome to day ten of Blogmas. This post is one I’ve been very anxious to share, not many people share the same views and it’s bound to cause controversy. Let’s all keep it friendly though! I’ve had a few people comment on posts before which haven’t been too kind, just remember I get to decide what comments go live and which don’t!

5 things that drive me crazy about Christmas

Now before I start with my list I want to make clear that I don’t hate Christmas! I just have a few things that piss me off a little. I’m most definitely not the grinch!

1. The feeling you have to buy everyone a gift – where did this irrational feeling come from? This year, I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of money on Christmas gifts because I’ve brought for so many people! Christmas is not about how many gifts you give, it’s about spending it with those who are special to you.

2. Everything is a competition – Why? I just don’t get it! Some people like to beat you in this imaginary race they’ve made. Who can get their tree up first? Who can spend the most on presents? Like, who actually cares?

3. Wasting food – This annoying is the absolute hell out of me! It’s all well and good kicking up a huge meal for your friends and family to enjoy but then throwing everything that’s not eating into a food waste bin and chucked away just grinds me the wrong way.

So many people around the Christmas time have to go to food banks or ask around if anyone can spare this or that because they simply can’t afford a big meal and that you are just throwing it away! Cold meat sandwiches and never killed anyone using the leftover vegetables to make bubble and squeak will not make you ill either! Just try to be sensible with your food waste.

4. Counting how many gifts you received – So many people wake up on Christmas Day and don’t receive a gift, their just thankful they woke up! There some of us are, counting how many gifts we have, then complaining if someone has more than us. Our parents didn’t raise us this way, so where did this greed come from? I’d love to know!

5. Assuming charities will take care of it all – This year, I’ve taken a lot of interest in charity work around my area. I’m not sure if it’s because my life has changed so much this year so I look at things from a different perspective or if it’s just because I’ve simply grown up and things mean completely different to what they used to mean.

I heard a comment the other day and I had to bite my tongue really hard not to react because it just wasn’t my place to pipe up. Some man made a comment that he doesn’t need to chuck his change at the homeless because charity will do it for him. First of all how entitled do you have to feels to me that kind of comment?

You don’t just chuck your change at the homeless for one! If you are in a position to donate money to a homeless person then by all means please do! You could be helping them survive another day, but if you’re not able too, that’s also okay! No one is forcing you to do so. I’d also suggest that instead of giving them money, buy a food voucher from a store so they can go in and buy what they need from the gift card. Believe it or not, a lot of homeless people get their money stolen by heartless people, gift cards/money vouchers can really help!

As for assuming that a charity will do everything, well you are beyond naive! Charities can only work to their full potential because of people’s kind donations and damn hard work! They can’t fix everything even if they tried! Everyone does their best, no matter what it is they contribute.

I would love to know what drives you crazy about Christmas, is it peoples ungratefulness? The price of the food? No matter what it is do drop in the comments I would love to see how many people agree or disagree with this.

I’ll be back shortly with Blogmas day eleven.

Until then,

Sending you all my love,

A x


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