Blogmas day eleven: A day in my life

Blogmas day eleven: A day in my life


Today has been a very special day for me and although I have been in a lot of pain pretty much all day I have never felt so special!

Today I met up with one of my best friends to share Christmas with each other early because we are both so busy working and trying to juggle a life that we constantly manage to miss each other when we have days off, so we were both super fortunate that we can spend some time together to shop and exchange our Christmas gifts.

We started the day by going out for something to eat, which is always a great way to start the day if I do say so myself. I had a really good fried breakfast which left me feeling super full which is great because I’ve not really been eating properly for a little while.

We exchanged a present that was really cute we ended up getting each other the same Pandora Ring the only difference was that mine is in rose gold and has is in silver. It was totally unplanned but it just made it super special. She really enjoyed her other gifts which makes me super happy because she really does deserve to be spoilt!

We then went to do a bit of shopping which is always super fun! I tried on some super pretty dresses which I may decide to treat myself to I’ve not really made my mind up yet.

After an amazing morning with her, I came home and chilled for a little while until I went to the doctors where I finally have some kind of diagnosis for my hip problem! Hopefully with the stretches that he has given me I can avoid getting a steroid injection into my hip! Fingers crossed!

I was then put in a super good mood because I was able to talk to Jack and he is just really cute! We have been going through a few things lately but I feel like it’s my fault although technically I haven’t done anything wrong. I know that doesn’t make sense but I don’t wanna go into the details of that because of people reading this and getting the wrong end of the stick.

My main wish is for Jack to be happy and for him to be successful in his dream and helping him achieve it as much as I possibly can. Unfortunately some people just see me as a piece of crap that’s not any good for him and I just get in the way of his life.

I would’ve thought that eight months down the line that these feelings were to have subsided and we would have been able to not move on but at least be civil and respect each other but at the moment that still isn’t the case which is a real shame because I do not think that speaks so highly of all of them and I am just not shown the same respect because according to them I don’t deserve it.

Now that has nothing to do with Jack at all I generally cannot find a single fault with him he is literally just perfect! Every day I wake up and just feel really lucky to have him with me. He has taught me so much over the last few months and I couldn’t be more grateful to him for that.

Jack does a really cute thing where he calls me princess if he knows that either he’s pissing me off or I am feeling a little bit down in the dumps I need just a little cheer me up. Talking to him on the phone earlier he just told me over and over again how much he loves me and it really lifted my mood and I’ve gone to bed feeling super happy and content. I miss him absolute crazy because he is currently at work but I am laying here thinking about him and thinking how proud I am with him for taking the next step towards his final goal!

Anyway enough about Jack because I’m sure he will get a big head from all of this attention and I am positive that someone will have something to say about me writing about him anyway.

I am now wrapped up in bed and ready to go to sleep and wake up super early in the morning to crack on with a brand new day!

So I am sending you lots of love and festive cheer,

I will see you in tomorrow’s Blogmas posts.

A x


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