Blogmas day nine: Winter body care

Blogmas day nine: Winter body care

Hello my loves,

How are you? Did you see my Blogmas day eight post that I uploaded earlier on today? If not I definitely recommend that you check out I shared some Christmas day outfit inspiration.

Blogmas day nine brings a body care routine, not just the standard skincare routine. I decided to switch it up a little because I feel as though I share my skincare routine without actually sticking to it, I’m a sucker for not putting myself first. Looking after your whole body during anytime of the year is of course important, but for me, winter is the time I need a little more care and attention.

Winter body care


– My face is usually super oily, but during the winter, it’s the total opposite. My face couldn’t be any drier! I switch from a non oil based cleanser to an oil based one.

– I use my exfoliator once a week to help remove the dry/dead skin that appears. I don’t like to exfoliate too often when my skin is super dry because it doesn’t improve my skin at all. I find that once a week is definitely enough.

– I always without a doubt moisturise both day and night. Moisturiser is key for any time of the year, it helps hydrate and lock in your skin. I love the glory look I have after moisturising too!


– My lips are absolutely hideous during the winter months, they get so dry and start to crack apart. It’s not an attractive look! I make sure I use my Nivea lip balm, I don’t like using Vaseline because it makes my lips feel really greasy!

– Exfoliating my lips. I don’t just exfoliate my face and leave the dry skin on my lips, because that’s super gross! I use a really light sugar scrub on my lips to help shift the dry skin.

– Cream them! I don’t use moisturiser as such, I have a great little vitamin E cream which I use for my lips. It really does help, I apply it at night once all of the products have been washed off.


– As tempting as it is to jump in a really hot shower to warm up, I tend to avoid this, it’s not that great for your skin/pores.

– It’s always a good idea to slap on a extra layer of moisturiser once you’ve dried yourself off too, I use coco butter, I’m sure you can use anything you wish, just try and make sure it’s perfume free!


– Wearing fluffy socks, boots or whatever else to keep your feet warm is great, but it doesn’t help look after them! I use bath salts twice a week and soak my feet, then use a scrub to clean and get rid of any dry skin.

– Once a week, I like to treat my feet to a foot mask. It helps rehydrate them and makes my skin feel fresh!


– Just like in the summer, winter can damage your hair too! People often just blame the sun, but they don’t think about the cold weather/rain hitting your hair and taking away the natural oils.

– I wash my hair every three days, I use a hair mask every six days. I try my best to avoid any extra heat on my hair because that causes a lot of damage too. It’s best to let your hair dry naturally while inside, it makes your hair last longer too, so you’re not in a rush to wash it again.

– If your hair gets super greasy really quickly I suggest that you don’t condition your hair from your roots! I suggest that you conditioned from halfway down your hair right down to you at the ends.  I also recommend anything that has argon oil or honey in! It works a treat!

That is the end of my Blogmas day nine winter body care post. I really hope that you have enjoyed that do you let me know if you have any winter body care tips that maybe I should look into trying.

I’ll see you all tomorrow with Blogmas day ten and eleven!

Until then,

Sending you all my love and festive cheer,

A x


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