Blogmas day eight: Christmas Day outfits

Blogmas day eight: Christmas Day outfits


Happy Sunday! Man it’s been a very busy week, Blogmas really is just slipping away from me, but I’m doing my best to pull it back for you!

Christmas Day is either a catwalk or a please don’t look at me kind of day, I definitely prefer the later, but I have also been know to make the effort every now and then.

I’ve decided to put a little post to share ideas for both types of mornings. I’d love to know what your Christmas Day outfit is too!

Christmas Day outfits

1. Pyjamas

I don’t think I’ve ever had the luxury of staying in my pyjamas on Christmas Day. We were always told to go and get dressed, but I know so many people who receive a new pair of pyjamas on Christmas Eve to wear on the day. It’s always good to be comfortable and if you’re in your own home, why should it matter?

2. Top and jeans

Girls, I’m sure you’ll know exactly what I mean by a “nice top and jeans”. We quite often ask what our friends are wearing on a night out and they reply with “oh just a nice top and jeans” and somehow we know exactly what they mean.

For you boys, you can still style your jeans with a jumper? I know a few of you wear a plain t-shirt with a Primark jumper over the top, I’d say that’s a great idea!

3. Sweatpants and jumpers

I always believe that on Christmas Day, you shouldn’t worry about how good you look, you should wear what’s comfortable. I’d understand if the Queen was coming for Christmas lunch with you, but she’s not, it’s just your friends or family so what’s the big deal? This year, I’ve opted for tracksuit bottoms and a cropped jumper. That’s literally it. I’m sure my dad won’t mind that I look a state, he’ll just enjoy the food, presents and company.

4. Jumpsuit/dress

I know that wearing comfy clothes is not always an option, especially if you’re heading out for Christmas lunch instead. I’ve seen so many beautiful jumpsuits that would be amazing for Christmas Day. I’d definitely check out Pretty Little Thing and Oh Polly too! Just in case you need an outfit.

That is my Blogmas day eight post complete, I’d love to know what you’re planning on wearing this Christmas.

If you enjoyed this post, be sure to leave a like and comment below. Blogmas day nine will be live later on with winter body care. Will you be reading?

Until then,

Have a wonderful day,

Sending you all my love and festive cheer,

A x


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