Blogmas day six: Gift guide for him

Blogmas day six: Gift guide for him

Hello my loves!

Welcome back to another post, I’m catching up with all of my Blogmas posts and then I’ll be back to reading all of yours too!

Earlier this morning I uploaded my Blogmas day five post where I shared 30 incredible Christmas songs that feature on my Christmas playlist. If you haven’t seen it, head back a post to check it out.

Blogmas day six brings us a gift guide for the men. Aren’t they difficult to buy for! Jack’s a nightmare, just ask my sisters! We ask him what he would like, his response is “I don’t know, if I want something I’ll just buy it myself” or “I don’t know, it’s the thought that counts”, and we’re then sat there fuming at him for being so unhelpful!

I’ve somehow managed to create a list of ideas. Please do drop your suggestions in the comments below!

Blogmas day six: Gift guide for him

  1. A fitness watch – I think watches are always a great gift, for him or for her, but I find men’s watches a nightmare to choose. They all look so similar and I really don’t know what’s fashionable to them. With a fitness watch, they can wear it to the gym, the pub, to work and wherever else they decide to go. It’s handy because it also gives them a chance to show off about how much exercise they’ve done.
  2. Hover board – I don’t know the real name of these, but they look super cool. This is a great gift for those who are very good at keeping balance as well as hand eye coordination. It’s a good excuse to get them out the house too.
  3. Slippers – I love slippers! So many men I know don’t own a pair and I was in absolute shock, like how!? So I’ve definitely had to add this to my list.
  4. Socks – I am terrible with my socks, but men are the worst! I swear they eat theirs or something! You can never ever get them too many socks because in a week or two, they’ll be asking whether you’ve seen a pair or not. Don’t give yourself the aggravation of searching through piles of washing to find them some.
  5. An experience trip – With Virgin, you can find a lot of experience days out which I think is a brilliant idea. There’s a whole range of things to pick from. Ive picked one for a River Thames boat tour. They come with a long expiry date so you don’t have to rush to make the plans.
  6. Mug – either a mug for the house or a travel mug for when they are at work is a very thoughtful gift. It’s something they can use all the time especially if they drink a lot of tea or coffee. It’s not a get that will just be thrown to one side and not used so definitely worth the money.
  7. Smelly set – how typical is it to buy the man in your life a lynx body set!? I swear I get either my brothers or my uncle one every year. Men like to smell good which is such a good thing for us girls, so buying them a body wash set isn’t a wasteful gift it’s something that they would use quite often so it’s a win win.
  8. A book – I don’t know why but men who like reading are so overlooked! I think it’s super cute but somehow along the lines we just forget about them. I think buying a book whether it’s their favourite author or something to do with their favourite hobby or interest of theirs is such a thoughtful gift. It shows you pay attention to them too, so you’ll stay in the good books!

That is all from me with my gift ideas for him, I did tell you that guy a super difficult to shop for. If you thought of different gift ideas, do you let me know in the comments below so I can get shopping.

Thank you so much for reading I really hope that you have enjoyed a Blogmas day six. If you did don’t forget to leave a like and comment below.

I will be back tomorrow with two more Blogmas posts so keep your eyes peeled!

Until then,

Sending you all my love and festive cheer,

A x


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