Blogmas day four: AD – Gift guide for her

Blogmas day four: AD – Gift guide for her

Hello my loves!

Welcome to Blogmas day four! I uploaded Blogmas day three earlier this morning if you wish to check that out!

Blogmas day four is all about the gifts for her, whether that be your mum, sister, partner or best friend! It doesn’t matter who you’re buying for! I’ve put a little thought behind this one and I’ve stepped away from the generic perfume and spa type gifts. I hope you enjoy!

Before I dive in to the gift ideas, I do have a little disclaimer to add, I hope you don’t mind!


This post includes a gifted product which is why I’ve classified it as an AD. I am not being paid to promote and the links are not affiliated links. I will mark the item as Ad Gifted Item when I am sharing it with you!

A gift guide for her

Buying for girls is not easy, we like to change our mind on things frequently. I’ve tried to come up with some ideas that are different and that will be put to good use.

The organised’ girls

1. 2020 Diary – These are super handy to have either on your desk or in your handbag. If the girl in your life likes to be organised then I definitely suggest this! It’s perfect for scheduling appointments and making plans with our friends too.

2. Personalised pen – This is such a cute idea, especially for someone who a) always needs a pen and b) for someone who loves writing! You can find so many cute pens that you can personalise with their name or even a little message. It’s something that would be used a lot yet never thrown away!

3. A pencil case – It’s not as boring as you may think! If the girl in your life is obsessed with stationary a pencil case is actually a thoughtful gift! I know I’d love one!

4. Cute stationary equipment – You can buy those sets that come with sticky notes, paper clips, pins and so on. I think this is a perfect gift for those who like to be super organised and keep on track with everything. These are also super helpful for those in your life who are studying!

The accessories girl

1. Glasses case – It’s not something people often think about, but the bumble bee one pictured above cost me £9.99! It’s just the little things that you pay attention too, they’re the things that will get you all the browny points.

2. Watch – There are so many gorgeous watches around! I love the Olivia Burton watches if you haven’t checked them out, but also the fitness watches too. A watch is a great accessory and can be used 24/7.

3. Jewellery– A little jewellery gift set never hurt anyone, unless it’s something hella expensive, then it’s hurting your bank account! Honestly you can pick up cute dainty little jewellery sets from places like Pandora or even online on Very/Littlewoods. Definitely scout some out.

The fashion girl

1. Lingerie set – there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a cute underwear sat for your loved one! It’s a little weird buying it for your family member so I definitely don’t suggest you do that but for your partner why not!? It’s a gift that she can feel absolutely incredible in and if you play your cards right it’s a gift that you should both get use out of!

2. A scarf – Scarfs are so overlooked but they are probably my favourite thing to buy people. I am not talking the really expensive Burberry personalised scarfs I mean Primark do you some absolutely gorgeous ones. It’s super ideal for the winter as well so I don’t see how you can go wrong.

The mums to be

1. AD this is a gifted product: Myrtle and Maude pregnancy products- I was very kindly gifted a box of pregnancy care items to share in the gift guide for all of you Mums to be or all of you who know someone who is expecting a little bundle of joy. Quickly putting it out there, this was NOT gifted for the use of myself, I am certainly not pregnant nor do I intend on entering that stage of my life anytime soon!

Myrtle and Maude can be found on Instagram you can also check out their website where they offer a wide range of pregnancy care related products. I was very kindly gifted four items which include :- 100% organic peppermint and ginger tea, 100% organic fenugreek and fennel tea, 100% organic raspberry leaf tea and bonbons enriched with vitamin B6 and 100% natural peppermint oil.

Treating someone who is carrying a human inside of them is definitely going to be appreciated in a whole different level! So many mums don’t take the time to look after themselves because they’re so busy looking after everyone else so this would definitely be an amazing gift for them and it benefits their health as well as the babies.

2. A hot water bottle – for a girl who suffers really badly with period cramps I could only imagine the pain that pregnancy can cause! I 100% recommend that you buy a hot water bottle for the mum to be in your life and I am positive that it will get used frequently!

3. A journal – again this is a idea that is quite often overlooked because it’s not really on top of anyone’s priority list, I suggest that you buy a journal or a cute little notebook that the mum to be can keep on her to make note of how she is feeling or what she’s craving just general pregnancy related notes that she doesn’t wanna share with anyone else or she doesn’t want to forget!

That is everything on my gift guide for her post do you let me know if you have any other suggestions below I am still shopping so I will welcome your ideas.

I really hope you have enjoyed tonight’s post if you have do you let me know by leaving a like and a comment.

I will be back tomorrow morning with a Blogmas day five, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

In the meantime,

Sending you all my love and festive cheer,

A x


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