Book review: The unfaithful widow – Ten Years later

Book review: The unfaithful widow – Ten Years later

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Happy Tuesday how are you? I’m sorry I’ve been so MIA lately. I was going through some things and then I ended up working, adulthood took the best of me!

Tonight I am bringing you another book review. So many of you loved my review of Hug everyone you know which is amazing! I can’t think of a single bad comment, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll enjoy this one too.

Book summary

Picking up where The Unfaithful Widow ended, Ten Years Later continues the author’s journey from widow to a slightly askew woman. A memoir written with warmth and candor on being single again, aging, and finding a creative path surrounded by dogs, friends, laughter, and a bit of craziness. Barbara Barth shares stories on the adventures that followed her first year alone as she moved headfirst into a new life, listening to her heart, sometimes not so wisely, but always full speed ahead. Join her on the ride of her life, from owning an antique shop to moving to a Victorian cottage outside of Atlanta, and all the follies in between. Going into the next decade with six dogs by her side, the author proves you are only as old as you feel, and happiness begins with a grateful heart. A funny and engaging memoir for anyone who wants to be their own superhero facing life’s good and bad moments.

About Barbara Bath

Author, blogger, sometimes antique dealer, dog hoarder, bedazzled by life. Widowed ten years ago, Barth writes about finding a creative path back to happiness. Her recent move to a 1906 historic cottage brought many surprises, including discovering the Monroe–Walton Center for the Arts where she started the monthly Walton Writers group and is on the MWCA Board as Literary Arts Chair. Barth is a contributor to Walton Living Magazine and a former blogger for The Balancing Act, Lifetime Television’s morning show for women. Currently she lives with six dogs, rescue dogs that rescued her. 

Visit her website at, follow her on Twitter @writerwithdogs, and follow her Amazon author page.

My thoughts

I’m going to be brutally honest and say that if I saw this on a library shelf I would not be instantly drawn to it. For me, nothing really jumps out. I genuinely wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy this book or not, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Barbara lost her husband, her mother, and three dogs she loved which for anyone is a lot to deal with. Most of an inheritance she had was a casualty of several business that were not financially successful –though she portrayed them as they were in other ways. She had three major surgeries, including a hip operation that went badly wrong putting her temporarily in the “Nursing Home From Hell”.

After all of that, you would expect this book to be sad or depressing. Yet it is quite the opposite! Barbara deals with her troubles and with life in general with a quirky sense of humor and a spirited will to live a creative life as long as there are dogs of course!

This really did fill me with positivity and a great warm feeling in my heart. I quite of complain how I’ve got it hard compared to people my age yet deep down inside knowing someone has it a lot worse!

Barbara shows us all how to deal with the hard part of life, while she doesn’t always do it the way I would, she does what she needs to do in order to help herself grow and move forward and I absolutely love that from this book!

I would read again, 3/5 stars.

Thank you all for reading tonight’s post, let me know if you’ve read any of Barbara’s books, I’d love to know! You can leave a like and comment below, I’ll be back real soon with a post.

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