New job, new responsibilities – Let’s talk

New job, new responsibilities – Let’s talk


Ah it’s been a while since I’ve sat down grabbed a cup of tea and loaded up my laptop. This past month or so has been the craziest, I’ve never felt so exhausted yet weirdly excited in my life!

Back in September I started a new job, I went into Support work for disabled adults which was definitely quite a change from my previous job. I had no experience when I went in and I was so prepared to bottle it! I’ve had one slight hiccup which was completely out of my control but now I am back on track and I passed my first probation meeting!

I am surprisingly loving it! It’s certainly got its moments when you sit there and think “why am I doing this?” but on the other hand when you sit back and reflect, there are so many positives compared to the negatives!

Not only did I start a new job, I’ve been looking at moving out and being independent. I practically do everything anyway, just living on my own means I get full control and I get to be an adult instead of just a cook, and a housemaid! I’ve looked a few places to rent, they’ve not really been the best, I’m not being too picky either so I can’t put it down to that! While I wait for the right place I set up an ISA account so I can put money aside every month to eventually they onto the property ladder.

Yesterday was mine and Jacks 7 month anniversary! That deserves a medal, well at least he does! I’m really not the easiest person, we’ve had so much thrown at us, most of it was completely unnecessary and if it came from anyone else I would have just called it quits and would have walked away months ago, but there’s something about him that makes all this crap worth it! I swear my patience is tested on the daily, but comparing it to how I feel when I’m with him, it’s so worth the constant judgement.

We went away last weekend for a few nights and it was blissful! We didn’t have the best weather which kind of sucked a little, but waking up to a sea view from our hotel room, cuddling in bed all day watching Christmas films and just being in each other’s company was perfect! On our last day we decided to have breakfast on the seafront. Yes, it was freezing, but the beach is my happy place, having Jack beside me just reached a whole new level of happiness.

As many of you are now aware, this blog will end in December! It’s been so amazing sitting down and creating my new blog and working out everything else that will go with it! Until then, I do have more posts coming up, I’ve partnered up with a few brands and I’m working on their collaborations so it’s not over yet!

I’m pretty sure that’s all I have to update you on for now. I’m getting ready to work eight days in a row, five of those being 14.5 hour shifts!

I’ll do my best to upload again for you soon!

Until then,

Sending you all my love,

A x


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