Make a difference today #antislaveryday

Make a difference today #antislaveryday

Hello my loves,

A very happy Friday to you! I’m so glad this week is making its way to the end! As much as I have loved resting and resting some more, I want to get myself back into work.

As much as I am looking forward to working, around the world right now there are forty million people in slavery. One in four people are children! They do not experience the same excitement to head to work, they work in constant fear of being beaten and taken advantage of.

I read a letter from an eleven year old boy which filled me with tears. Someone so small is going day by day wondering when his next abuse is.

Sunil is eleven years old. He was rescued From a restaurant in Nepal and the words on my mug are his own.

I don’t like peas

I don’t like fighting

I don’t like washing big pots

I don’t like being beaten

I don’t like my owner

Slavery steals childhoods, forcing children into gruelling existence ruled by fear. In Nepal, it’s estimated that 100,000 children are living life like this. In carpet factories, restaurants and hotels, children are working excessive hours, without proper meals and sleeping on the floor.

We want to end this and we won’t stop until every child is free. Child Rescue Nepal has rescued over 800 children reuniting them with their families and helping them back into regular schooling.

Our work is far from over! Make a stand today and help save the lives of these children #antislaveryday


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