The Unicorn – A pub food review

The Unicorn – A pub food review

Hello my loves,

How are you? I’m sorry that this post is late, if you don’t follow me on Instagram (I think you should!) I was in London yesterday with Jack and my sister and the time just ran away from us, by the time I said goodbye to Jack last night it as 11pm!

A few weeks ago, I went to a pub called The Unicorn which is based in Marden, Kent. It had recently been taken over again by new staff, the old cooks had been removed and the food/menu had a makeover.

I had met one of the owners previously on a visit to the pub. She seems like a nice person, I can’t really judge too much because there wasn’t much of an interaction with her.

The dinning area is quite small and compact, I found that once it got busy, it felt like we were sitting on top of each other. It was lit by candle light too, which is a sweet little touch, but I definitely would have preferred more lighting.

The main meal

I ordered a beef bacon cheese burger with chips. It also arrived with three onion rings pinned to the top of the burger.

The burger was very juicy! Once cutting it in half, I had a soggy bottom half of my bun, this could be from the heat of the burger, or the grease/juice that has been soaked up.

The onion rings were very crunchy, and they didn’t really taste like an onion ring. I tasted the batter more than anything.

The chips were shop brought chips, not homemade which is absolutely fine but they could have done with a few more minutes to cook.

I also ordered a side of garlic bread.

The garlic bread was a little bit burnt on the sides and unfortunately the salad went to waste, I had asked not to have the salad with my meal but I received one anyway.

The presentation

It was presented very well, the chips came in a little wire basket, the bun was placed away from the chips to allow space for cutting. The only thing I wasn’t very keen on is the food arrived on wooden serving boards. I would have loved it they had arrived on a board but on a separate plate or something! It always worries me eating from wood because of the contamination (you can’t get every little bit of food/juice/sauce out of the tiny grains) or I’m worried that I’ll end up eating a splinter. Maybe I’m just a fussy person!

Overall, I ate most of my main meal, leaving my chips and salad behind.


For dessert I ordered a lemon cheesecake which was meant to arrive with cream too (as stated on the menu) I didn’t receive that.

My lemon cheesecake arrived with raspberries delicately placed on top. I do not like raspberries so I placed them to the side.

The cheesecake was okay, it wasn’t anything that would wow you. It did it’s job, filled my sweet tooth. The lemon was there somewhere, I would have preferred it to have a little more lemon but I understand that’s not to everyone’s taste.


I enjoyed a glass of white wine while waiting for my meal. I had a glass of coke while eating and enjoyed a very delicious hot chocolate with my dessert.

Overall rating

I would say the hot chocolate was the best part of my meal, that wasn’t prepared by the restaurant staff either, bar staff brought that in for me.

The staff were friendly but I can’t say they were quick on their toes. We were waiting a while between our drinks and our food to be delivered and taken away. The owner would come and ask us about the food too, I do not like telling people that their food isn’t up to scratch for me, especially when I’m in a tight room filled with other people so I had to keep telling her it was nice.

I would go again but maybe not for the food purpose.

Thank you for reading! Do check it out if you’re in the area and let me know your thoughts!

I’ll see you soon!


A x


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