My skincare routine

My skincare routine


Happy Saturday my loves, how are we doing? I’m so behind on posts it’s unbelievable but now that I have a week off work I’m planning on having a good catch up! I’m trying to get everything prepared for when this blog comes to an end in December!

I put a poll up on my Instagram earlier this morning and asked which post you’d rather see, one about yoga or this, as you can probably tell, this one won! I’ll upload my yoga post on Monday for you instead.

Now that the colder months are upon us, I have changed my skincare routine a lot, I’m suffering from horrendous break outs and now an awful cold to go with it, so I’m not feeling or looking the best I can be.

My routine

I now force myself to do a face mask twice a week, at the moment I’m using the Garnier moisture bomb masks to really hydrate my skin and they do seem to be working! I’m let feeling really plumb and my face feels full afterwards which is a good sign that my hydration is working.

Every night I use my T-zone charcoal and bamboo purifying face wash. I swear by this product since I reviewed it way back when Brodie &Stone gifted me a bottle. This really helps to clean my face and pull up any fuzz, dead skin cells, blackheads, brewing spots and left over products that wouldn’t budge with a good wet face cloth. I can see that this really does make a difference to the feel of my face.

I then use my Simple products, I could probably rave about these all day everyday, these are my go to trusted products. I use the cleansing lotion to go over my face after using the face wash, it helps to tone down any redness I have going on and with a cotton pad, it’s easy to pick up any extra skin cells that are just lying on top.

Once I’ve used their cleansing lotion I then use their facial toner. I specifically use this around my T-Zone area, I feel I need it more there! It makes my face just that extra bit clean.

If I’m not using a face mask or my other two masks I’ll then use my Buddha beauty moisturiser. This is also an oldie but goodie! I reviewed this a very long time ago.

If I’m not using my Garnier tissue mask I will then use my Garnier 3in1 and use it as a scrub before using my simple products. I’ll only do this once a week as I found that doing it twice a week was no longer having a good impact on my skin. I will then use my simple products to “pamper” my skin and finish with my moisturiser.

Every other night I use my clear skin pore mask directly onto my nose and forehead. My face is always very oily so these places are more susceptible to black heads and emerging spots. As normal I’ll then use my two Simple products and my moisturiser to finish off.

I’m definitely starting to notice a difference again now that my cold is slowly disappearing. I’m due another face mask tomorrow night which I’m very much looking forward to.

After a long time of neglecting my personal care and common hygiene, I’ve loved getting back into the the rhythm of things and using what works. It can sometimes be a case of trail and error, what doesn’t work for me, then it can be passed on for someone else can’t try it.

That’s all my skincare routine really entails, morning fancy I’m afraid guys. I would however like to know what skincare brands you are loving! I’d love to try something new and switch it up a little so do drop your comments below.

As for now, thank you for reading tonight’s post, if you enjoyed it leave a like and comment below, feel free to share it too if you think someone else would love to have a read.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a different post.

Unit then,

Sending you all my love,

A x


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