My autumn wardrobe wish list

My autumn wardrobe wish list


How are you doing? I hope you enjoyed reading my update post, if you haven’t already checked it out, why not do so now? I’ve shared a few exciting pieces of news over there!

I am back tonight though, to share with you eight items that that I have been wanting in my autumn wardrobe, I’ll leave links to each item at the end of the post, I’d like to make clear that this these are not an affiliate links and this is not a collaboration with any of the brands mentioned. I am simply sharing these because I love seeing what other people’s vibes are.

Now that’s out of the way, here are my eight items.

The running theme of these are dresses which is a bit of a shocker because I would have done anything to not wear a dress a few months back, but now look at me!

The first outfit I am crushing on is the sweet polka dots dress from Joe Brown. It’s a dress I could wear to work or glam up and wear out for date night or drinks with the girls. It’s not flashy and fits in perfectly with this kind of weather at the moment.

Next up we have a white blazer dress. Now, these are bloody amazing! I am jealous of every person who can pull this off! I like the white version because I can add my own autumnal pop with my accessories or make up, its very versatile for the miss and match weather we’re having here in the UK too.

Third on the list we have a gorgeous autumnal tone skirt, I am loving the browns. This skirt can be dressed up with a pair of knee high boots or dressed down with a long sleeve shirt and ankle boots. Either way, both styles would absolutely rock it. I’m definitely going to purchase this one, as a little treat!

Fourth on the list we have an oversized jumper which is a must when the colder mornings start to creep in. The thing I love the most about oversized jumpers is how easy it is to dress them up with some jeans, boots and a handbag or how chill you can dress such as leggings and trainers. Both make your jumper the main attraction.

Moving on, we have a very classy silk styled bodysuit. I am a sucker for a bodysuit and this is just a dream. With silk like texture, you’re not going to be sweating like a pig but you’re always not going to be freezing your tits off. You can easily layer this was an oversized chunky cardigan if you wanted.

Now we’re onto a gorgeous floral shirt dress. I think these look super professional but also comfortable which is the style I aim for. The floral pattern makes me hold onto the glorious summer we’ve had and brings a little something to the dress, rather than it be plain.

Another dress I am in love with is this camel number. It’s very similar to the blazer dress I shared, but something about this one brings me a real sassy vibe to it. This would definitely be a main staple piece of any wardrobe.

Lastly, we have the most beautiful snake print shirt I’ve seen! I’m obsessed with my snake print dress but it’s getting a little too cold to wear it, so I’d love to have a snake print shirt and tuck it into a brown leather skirt for true autumnal vibes, that or jeans for a casual shopping day.

If you want to find these items here are the links

Thank you so much for reading tonight’s post, I’d love to see what’s on your autumn wardrobe wish list. Do feel free to leave a link to your post so I can have a look.

That’s all from me now, I’ll be back tomorrow with a brand new post on my skincare routine.

Until then,

Sending you all my love,

A x


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