Review – Kenya: A mountain to climb

Review – Kenya: A mountain to climb

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Happy Monday! I hope you’ve all had a fabulous day, I’ve had a busy one! From work this morning to shopping with one of my longest friends, I’m absolutely exhausted now, but I promised you that I’d be back with a new post, and just in time to because I’ve just finished a new book!

A little bit about the Author

– Rod Wood is a keen mountain trekker and lover of the outdoors. His successful summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in 2012 inspired his first book, ‘Kilimanjaro: My Story’, a heart-warming account of an ordinary man overcoming his depression and achieving his lifelong ambition of climbing to the roof of Africa. The book has helped many readers who suffer with mental illness and those who have their own mountains to climb.

– Since returning from Tanzania, Rod has become actively involved in the advancement of well-being in the workplace to help others suffering from depression.

– He studied Veterinary Science at Bristol University, near to Exmoor National Park where he developed his free spirit and his love of walking in wide open spaces.

My thoughts on the book

– Rod Wood really does deserve some kind of recognition for his hard work, truthful tails and bravery. He is a man that I’ll happily look up to! When I first started to read the book, I was very sceptical, I hadn’t read his previous work and I got the impression that I would be reading about a man who was going to brag about doing it all, however, I was wrong.

Wood is like each and every one of us, facing our own kind of deep seeded issues and trying our best to keep a brave face on and power on through it. I loved how I could relate to that. What I loved more though is how not once did it feel as though he was showing off that he is dealing with this better or that better, I was following his journey, every high and every narrow edge of it.

I was expecting to read about a climb to the top of a mountain and that be it, story over and not one I’d have enjoyed either, but Wood had a completely different idea and took me on an adventure around the Kenyan mountains, encountering and exploring every nook and cranny he could find. I also felt as though I was there with him, holding him up when things felt a little too much, when I felt like he had given up and needed a little extra boost. I was his biggest supporter just through reading his experience.

I learnt a lot through Rods book, from what the wildlife is like to the political side of things. I am quite naive when it comes to looking at other countries politics and beliefs so reading about them in a book that also made me rethink situations regarding my mental health I was quite intrigued and so grateful that I was able to follow him on his journey of self discovery as well as this amazing discovery of a place that has existed longer than I have lived yet I haven’t explored. I love how blasé he was about climbing the mountain itself “while I am here I might as well climb another mountain”

I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family to read, it took me a few days to get into it but once I did, I just would not put it down until I knew it was a good place to leave it. I’ve nominated this book to be next at a book club because I think more people should be reading and this is a great way to start.

So congratulations Mr Rod Wood, you have successfully inspired me and created a book that I have thoroughly enjoyed, not many people can do that!

Thank you all for reading tonight’s post I really hope that you have enjoyed it if you have, do you check out this book on Amazon I will leave a little link here for you don’t worry this is not an affiliate link I just thought I’d be helpful.

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