Testing Avon products

Testing Avon products

Hello my loves,

Happy Tuesday! I am back with a new post, which may shock some of you, but I needed some time to gather my thoughts, work on a few things and get back on track.

Before I went away I received four samples of Avon products from the lovely Deborah. I have thoroughly tested these products so now it’s time to share my thoughts. Before I do, I want to share Deborah’s Facebook page and her Avon page where you can purchase the full size products and many more!

I am a huge lover of Avon already and I regularly purchase gifts for other people so I definitely trust their products. I think the only product I have used myself is a lipstick I stole out of my mums make up bag a few years ago and an odd nail polish every now and then.

Deborah kindly sent me two lipstick samples and two skincare samples to try. I tried them all and here are my thoughts. I’ll start with the lipsticks first.


The first lipstick was a gorgeous pink colour in the shade puckered pink. I really liked the texture of this lipstick but it just wasn’t right for me. It was just a tad too bright for my very pale skin. It was very creamy to apply which I don’t find a bad thing, simply because my lips are always in a bad condition (I bite my lip when I am stressed) so it gives me a bit of added moisture.

The second lipstick was a brownish/nude kind of colour, which I will be purchasing at the end of the month! The shade is called Blushed nude. Again, the texture was creamy but it wasn’t too heavy on the lips. This was a lot lighter than the lipstick shows, but I loved it! It lasted a while too, which doesn’t often happen with my lippies!


Now, onto the skincare samples I was sent. I am always super careful with my skincare products, especially the ones I use on my face. I have super sensitive skin and any little thing can make me have a huge flare up and I look a total mess for weeks. Unfortunately this happened with one of the products.

I had a reaction to the Anew clinic defend & repair advanced hydration overnight mask with Hyaluronic-3X which I was super annoyed with simply because every overnight mask I have tried, my skin has reacted to. I one hundred percent do not blame Avon or this product, I simply blame my crappy skin. It was great to apply though! The mixture wasn’t too sticky on your fingers, it didn’t smell repulsive and there was definitely enough product to last you. It’s just a shame I am unable to use it again.

Luckily, I had a better result with the Anew perfect skin instant blurring treatment for all types of skin. It really did help with my skin and made it feel super soft despite my face still being covered in a rash. It was really soothing actually. I don’t think it was perfumed which was even better (don’t hold me to that because I could be wrong).


I may have to treat myself to a few new lippies at the end of the month because they were winners for me! The right texture, consistency and the nude shades look divine. The skincare products however, I will have to pass up this time, simply because my face is a little too delicate and the products I am using are working wonders. I do however, recommend that you check them out for yourself, we all have different skin types so what doesn’t work for me may very well work for you.

I look forward to buying a few bits using Deborah’s Avon link (it’s placed above)for myself and as treats for others.

That is all from me today, I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did do let me know. Make sure you check out both of Deborah’s links and have fun shopping!

I will be back very soon with a brand new post,

Until then,

Sending you all my love,

A x



  1. August 14, 2019 / 10:45 pm

    These all look so nice! I always tend to stray away from Avon makeup (where I’m from, the stigma is that it’s for older women), but every item I’ve used by them has been pretty good quality, surprisingly. Tbh their Skin So Soft Lotion is my go-to to keep the mosquitoes away during the summer months!! Great post, Alanna. X

    • alanna
      August 16, 2019 / 11:24 am

      Thank you Hailey! I’ve got the girls at work using Avon too, I’m not sure how the brand got that stigma but hey, if it works it works! I’ll definitely have to check out the lotion, I always seem to be the mosquitoes (well any insect to be honest) favourite snack 🙈. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it xx

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