Hsfrangrance “Boss Babe” Lemon Sherbet Candle review

Hsfrangrance “Boss Babe” Lemon Sherbet Candle review

Hello my loves,

Happy Wednesday! How has your day been? I had a very rocky start this morning, I didn’t want to go to work and when I did arrive, it just wasn’t a great vibe. I’ve kind of been in one of those moods all day.

I wasn’t going to upload tonight just because I feel like I need a good cup of tea and to chill with my Harry Potter book and listen to whatever Jack is doing on FaceTime, but instead Jack is metaphorically kicking me up the arse so here I am, doing a blog post that I promised in yesterday’s post would be uploaded. If you haven’t seen yesterday’s post, you can find it here.

I found the opportunity to work with this brand and I loved the idea of reviewing candles because 1) you loved my previous mentions of candles, 2) I am candle obsessed and 3) it’s something that everyone at some point will look into buying. Now, before I start, I need to do a disclaimer.


I am not being paid to promote this product nor was the product gifted to me. I did however receive a discount code to use for myself to purchase this product to review and I was also given a 10% discount code to share to my readers for those who are interested in purchasing this product. There are no affiliated links.


I am currently loving the spring smells and with that comes the sweet smell of lemon sherbet (which I actually cannot stand the taste of!) If I had the chance to, I would have brought every scent there was!

Hsfragrance is a new soy wax candles that look and smell incredible with sassy messages on too! I decided to go for the “Boss Babe” candle because I am my own boss and it’s just a little boost.

I loved the fact that although this is a new business, the prices of the candles aren’t very expensive (your bank won’t break after one purchase). If you head on over to http://www.hsfragrance.co.uk/ you can check out the candles they have on offer.

A candle like mine, a pink candle without a lid is just £14.50 (without postage and packaging) and with the lid it is £17. The candle scents are as followed:

  • Spring Awakening
  • Dettol
  • Lemon Sherbet
  • Vanilla
  • Mint Choc Chip
  • Mint and Eucalyptus

You can get different slogans on your pink candle, you can pick from:

  • Boss babe
  • Namastay in bed
  • Blow me I’m hot
  • No drama Llama
  • Hakuna Matata bitch
  • Girl power
  • Be badass
  • Yasss Queen
  • You glow girl
  • They have also just released glass candles! These are limited at the moment but they still have great scents, they are:
    • White patchouli and clove
      Jade orchid and Lotus blossom
      Cardamom and mimosa
      Himalayan cedar and Jasmine

    These are a steal at just £15 plus postage and packaging.

    I already have a few more stacked in my basket ready for gifts for my friends and dare I say it, I have a few ready for Christmas!

    The best part about reviewing this candle is not so I can show off my photography, but because I have a 10% code for you all too!


    If you use the code HEYBABE on any purchase you’ll receive 10% off! That’s HEYBABE for 10% off! Head on over to http://www.hsfragrance.co.uk/ to make your purchase now.

    I look forward to seeing what candle you pick out!

    Thank you so much for reading tonight’s post, I hope you have enjoyed it. If you have, be sure to leave a like and comment below and I shall be back on Friday with a cooking post!

    Until then,

    Sending you all my love,

    A x


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