Gifted| Proto-col Intense Protection Day Moisturiser SPF 50+ review

Gifted| Proto-col Intense Protection Day Moisturiser SPF 50+ review

Hello lovelies,

Happy Wednesday and a very happy start to May. This is it, the month I have counting down to. I am super excited to announce this collaboration with Proto-col and I have worked upper hard on making this a post you’ll enjoy. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into this.

Proto-col’s PR message

Proto-col was founded in 2003 by elite athlete James Greenwell, following a sports injury. Competing in International modern pentathlon, James tore an Achilles tendon late in his career. Collagen was instrumental in his recovery. After retiring from elite sport, he launched the Proto-col brand with collagen supplement a wealth of ideas. James and his team of skincare and nutrition experts have since developed state-of-the-art formulations based on reliable research and innovative ingredients.

Leading collagen brand, Proto-col, has added its skincare range of innovative plant-based collagen, result-led products with the launch of its Intense Protection Day Moisturiser SPF 50+. A pioneering full spectrum product, the brand-new formula helps to ‘shield’ the skin free radicals and offer high protection against the key causes of premature aging; UVA, UVB, pollution and environmental stresses.

Further reinforcing its dedication to protecting the skin, Proto-col’s Intense Protection Day Moisturising SPF 50+ also features antioxidants vitamin; Panthenol Vitamin B5. This vitamin prevents the accumulation of free radicals in the epidermis and replenishes the skin giving a healthier complexion. In addition to offering protection against the majority of causes of ageing, the advanced the formulation has a light texture and with other ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, coral seaweed, fresh royal jelly and plant-derived collagen this day moisturiser gives a plump, hydrated and softened complexion making it ideal for all skin classifications.

My thoughts on the product

I was absolutely thrilled to receive this in the post the other week, it reached me just in time for the Easter heat wave. I have tried many moisturisers, many claiming to have this benefit and that benefit but I never saw the results that I was promised.

I found that Proto-col was definitely different. When reading through the information I was sent about the brand and the product, I was very skeptical, some random person thought he would jump on the bandwagon and create something he thinks works best. He was definitely right to take that plunge.

I have used many SPF creams, many collagen creams and many other moisturisers that are meant to give me a healthy glow. I give them all a fair shot and use them for a fair amount of time before I give up. So far, so good. I haven’t given up.

With just a small amount of product, my skin is instantly being hydrated. I went to the beach during the Easter heat wave and I came back fully protected from the sun. A little goes a long way.

I love how my skin now glows and looks so much healthier, it smells like sun cream which to me isn’t an issue because I love that smell! The packaging is definitely something I look out for when shopping. I dislike packaging that has a lot going on, it’s not always clear what the product is if you can’t understand the box. Easy, simple to read and effective. Three words I love to hear!

I am looking forward to purchasing more and using this every day in the summer. I have a trip to Bath planned and a few days out where I’m definitely going to need to protect myself from the UV rays.

For £39.95 I definitely do think it’s a bit over budget, I don’t see the reason for it being in such a high price range but after using it for almost two weeks, I still have a lot of product left which means it’s definitely value for money. You could splash out and treat your skin to something amazing every once in a while, think of it as a cheaper version of a spa day!

For now, I have put this away and gone back to using my Fadeout day and night moisturisers but when that sun makes an appearance again, I’ll be sure to switch back. The best news is, today (May 1st) Porto-col has made an amazing re launch, reintroducing itself with new branding! I’ve had a sneak peak and I think it’s amazing, you should head on over to and check out their relaunch and more of their amazing products.

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