Gifted| WELOVELASHES Eylure last review

Gifted| WELOVELASHES Eylure last review


Happy Friday everyone how are you? I hope you are all enjoying your Easter break have you been up to anything exciting or do you have anything big planned for Easter weekend? Unfortunately for me I will be working which sucks because we are forecast a Easter heatwave.

I won’t lie this post is super late and all I can do is apologise for that. I had one hell of a month last month and now I am trying to get myself back on track and just fully submit myself to my work commitments. So tonight I am finally bringing you my Eylure lashes review.

I just need to do a quick disclaimer and then we will jump straight into it.

Disclaimer:- These products were gifted to me by the we love lashes brand. This post is not paid for but I did receive these items for free! All opinions and photos on my own unless otherwise stated you do not have permission to use these photos.

Now that is out of the way shall we jump into reviewing these gorgeous lashes?

Eylure lashes review

The lashes

– I was kindly sent to you a set of lashes to review. I had never worn false eyelashes before at least not properly. I had used the Eylure magnetic eyelashes which I was obsessed with but as for putting glue onto the lash band and accurately placing it on, I just didn’t have the confidence to do so.

– After testing out some Poundland lashes and finally nailing putting the glue on the strip and not on the actual lashes (my sight really isn’t great!) I was super excited to test these two gorgeous lashes out.

– My favourite pair have to be the 117 texture look, it just brought some much more to every look I wore! The thing I loved the most about these lashes, the glue was already attached! Yay for me! My natural lashes are long but not very full, so these did their job and gave me some texture to them. They didn’t only look long, but they looked full yet natural. I wore them pretty much every day for a week!

As you can see in this very bad selfie, my lashes look full and like actual lashes rather than just a little bit of hair sticking to my lid. I was very impressed with the before and after lash look which I shared on my Instagram, you can see that here.

I wore the 116 lengthening lashes a handful of times too, they definitely added to my look but I didn’t really get on well with them due to my lashes already being long. I Vaseline my lashes every couple of weeks and it helps to keep them the way they are, but saying that, the 116 lashes are still pretty cute!

As you can see they didn’t really add much to my lashes but they are still pretty great! I would definitely recommend these to people who have shorter lashes they would definitely look incredible, and the best part is they look so natural that people wouldn’t know that you’re wearing them unless you put them on wrong or you told them.

Overall I am very excited to purchase some more lashes from this range you can buy them in Superdrug, Boots and on Amazon I believe. You can also buy them on where you’ll be able to find other amazing lashes and lash lines too!

I would like to say a huge thank you to you Jenny over at we love lashes if you kindly sent me these two gorgeous pair of lashes, I have absolutely loved wearing them out and about and I have loved my boyfriends reaction while wearing them!

I 110% recommend these products I will be purchasing some more on payday as a little self-care treat.

Thank you so much for reading tonight’s post again I am so sorry that it is super late. I am definitely going to be working a lot harder on my blog to make sure that everyone enjoys the content that I upload.

If you did enjoy tonight’s post please do you let me know by leaving a like and comment below also had over to my Instagram and Twitter up to you let me know your thoughts.

I will be back tomorrow with a brand-new interview post so make sure you head back here at 6 pm.

Until then,

Sending you lots of love,

A x


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