Gifted| Procoal marine moisture mask review

Gifted| Procoal marine moisture mask review


Happy Sunday my lovelies and a very happy mothers day to all of my wonderful mums out there and to those of you who have felt like my mum during this whole process. I hope you have all had an amazing day and have been truly spoilt.

I know I have been away for a little longer than I promised but this is just the beginning of my return. I am bringing you a new review post from a product that I was kindly gifted to me a few weeks ago from the wonderful brand Procoal.

A little about the brand



We want our range of ethically-made products to set its users free. To act. For friends. Projects. Planets. Families. Strangers. Lovers. Even those who might never use a Procoal product in their lives.

They can. Because the key to all that selflessness is good, old-fashioned selfishness

Procoal products put you first. Only then can you do the same for everyone.

An unkempt body is good for nobody. Even you.


That said, a few of us will never use Procoal products. Their names are mice, rats, guinea-pigs and monkeys.

Like our suppliers, we deplore animal testing. It’s why most of our ingredients are naturally derived, like charcoal and essential oils. Even our synthetic components have a proven history of safe use.    


Low on cruelty, high on care, higher still on you. It’s our way of thinking. Ding.

It proves selfishness is actually good. Only the boringly self-righteous might be wrong.

So, get on and go for everything. But only after you’ve gone for you. 

My review

I am a huge lover of sheet masks and I usually go for one trusted brand because I know that it works well with my skin. I have very unpredictable skin, sometimes its oily, sometimes its super dry and sensitive and sometimes its a combination of everything. I have been using the Garnier masks since forever so when I came across Procoal and saw the positive effects it has on the skin, I decided I should give them ago.

The mask doesn’t have a strong perfume smell which I love because it means it has natural products inside. Once it’s been removed from the packaging, it’s super easy to put on, doesn’t break apart when unfolding and isn’t too sticky.

Once placed on I leave it for 15 minutes just so it can do it’s job and moisturise my skin. I won’t lie over the last few weeks I have really neglected my skincare due to being in hospital so I’ve not had the chance to keep my skin clean which sounds disgusting but it’s true. Since coming out of hospital and using these I have really noticed a difference in my skin is finally cleared up from it’s acne breakout, it is glowing again which I really enjoy because I get compliments about glowing skin and it just looks so much healthier.

I have absolutely raved about the mask because if they are vegan and cruelty free not many brands focus on both of those things it’s either one or the other. I will definitely be purchasing these again they are super affordable at just over £13 for a pack or you can get two packs for just over £20.

These have definitely become a part of my skincare routine and I am just so thankful to Procoal for sending them out to me to review. If you would like to check out these masks for yourself or any of the other products I will leave a link to that website here feel free to head over and have a browse.

Thank you so much for reading in tonight’s post I really hope that you have enjoyed it I am also super sorry about this I didn’t get up in time I managed to corrupt the images I had to sort all of that out.

If you would like to use any other skincare related reviews do you let me know because I have been testing out a few new products that I would love to share with you.

I do you have a new post going live in a hour so if you are interested in my return to the blogging world head back here in an hours time and check out my April goals.

If not I hope I see you all again very soon wishing you a wonderful evening,

Until next time,

A x


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