Your Pilates Physio Review

Your Pilates Physio Review


How are we all today? I am absolutely shattered! Work was so good but it also took all of my energy, I’ve had a wonderful two weeks off and I really didn’t prepare myself for heading back to the chaos and hard work! I have taken three naps, fallen asleep on the sofa and now I am in bed writing this with my eyes feeling a little heavy.

Tonight’s post should keep me awake though! Just over a month ago now I was given the opportunity to review Your Pilates Physio. I was given a 30 day period do you try any of the workout that are on the website. I had never taken a Pilates lesson before so I was very excited to test it out and see the benefits for myself.

I decided to take the 14 day challenge and I did do it more than 14 days just because I wanted to take full advantage of the 30 days although I have noticed checking into my account it doesn’t say that I have completed the challenge and I’m not really sure why but that could just be because of something that I’ve done on my end and not any fault of the website itself.

My first impressions of the website was that it is a very simple and easy to navigate. I like the fact that you didn’t have too much going on in one place because that really confuses me on websites.

The writing on the website was very clear and I was just very easy to read without having to get confused on too many big words (I like things simple). I really enjoyed taking part in the 30 day free trial I absolutely loved doing the Pilates workout and it is something that I am going to be continuing doing because I have definitely helped improve my body and my fitness levels.

My dad has arthritis in his hip and we quite often did a Pilates workout together because doing exercise is meant to help with the pain and he definitely found doing the Pilates workout useful and he has also lost a lot of weight or doing it to so we are both very happy.

The videos were very easy to follow and the trainer spoke very clearly and take things slowly say that everyone would be able to follow along easily whether they were a beginner or not.

These are just two snapshots of parts from different videos that I followed. I won’t lie, at first I thought the whole process would be daunting, I’m a large person who doesn’t exercise often, isn’t flexible and I decided to take up Pilates, I genuinely thought I was out of my mind! Now that I have successfully completed it, I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

I would recommend that you try the free trial at first just in case you aren’t able to stick to the commitment of it but if you have taken Pilates or if you are really serious about trying this out I definitely suggest that you join the membership I believe it works out at something like 3 pound a week that is such a good price when you think about it.

I really hope you head on over and check it out, you can find their website and social media links posted below! I would love to know if any of you have tried this Pilates workshop before or if you have tried something similar that you have fallen in love with.

For more information about the website and workouts visit where you can sign up and join the fun. You can also find them over on Twitter and Facebook.

That is all for me tonight my love I really hope you have enjoyed my review if you have be sure to let me know by leaving a like and a comment below. Thank you so much to you guys for reading tonights post and thank you so much to Lyndsey for allowing me to test out her amazing workouts.

I will be back tomorrow with a brand new post but until then,

I’m sending you all my love,

A x


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