Follow my socials

Follow my socials

Happy Friday lovelies! How are you? I hope you’ve had a great day. This week has been a little chaotic and I feel like everything has been all over the place so I want to apologise for that.
I wanted to do a day in life post but then I realised that I upload a weekly vlog every Sunday so there would be no point having a blog post like that. I am working on new ideas for my blog so if you have any post suggestions please do let me know I want to take the adult approach to you some of my post rather than having the generic post that I have been uploading.
Tonight’s post is sort of a cop-out post but I am working on improving some things at the moment and I am working on something really exciting for next month so please do not be angry with me.
I wanted to share my social medias with you anyway because I am working a lot harder on them and I am trying to grow them as much as I can without leading the down the road of buying followers because that doesn’t get you anywhere. I also noticed that I have a few new faces around here so it would be a great way for you guys to get to know more about me. so yeah I will leave all of my social medias below if you follow me and I don’t bother you that it is not intentional please do just let me know and I will follow you back.

My social medias

: I upload a new vlog every Sunday at 6pm. Please do subscribe!

Facebook: I share my most recent posts with you every day at 10am, 1pm, 5pm and 10pm

Pinterest: I have a board dedicated to my January blog posts and Instagram uploads under January 2019. I like to update my Pinterest everyday. Please do check it out.

Twitter: This is the place I share literally everything with you. I don’t hold back. I love the support Twitter has! If you ever want my life story, just head to my Twitter.

Snapchat: I use this everyday. You can add me and keep up to date with my stories. I might not add you back but you’re still more than welcome to message me! My profile is set to public so I will always reply!

Instagram: I am always active on here! I post everyday! Every other month I post three times a day! I would love to reach 1.5k by the end of 2019!

That is all of my social medias I would really appreciate it if you could subscribe, like and follow all of them I know some things aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but the support to grow would really mean a lot especially with my YouTube channel.
Like I said if you already following me and I don’t follow you back your username and on what sites and I will follow you back ASAP.
Thank you for leading I hope you have an over and check out my sites. I will be back with a brand new post on Monday.
Until then,
I’m sending you lots of love,
A x


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