Blogmas day seven: DIY Christmas gifts

Happy Friday my loves how are you? First of all I want to start off with a huge apology I know this post was a meant to be live at 6pm but, I have a very good reason as to why it is late. I am currently out on a date which is all very exciting and it is going really well and I forgot to finish this post and schedule it, instead I may have accidentally deleted the whole post completely so I am now on my date writing a blog post.
My date is completely fine with this he is very interested in what I do and is currently helping me with this post so do not worry I have not just ditched him to you create this. Before I carry on with the post he thought I should share with you my date look because he thinks that I look really nice so I’m just going to share that with you.

Anyway carry on with the actual post tonight I thought I would share with you four DIY gift ideas I’m hoping that you will enjoy this post.

DIY Christmas gifts

1. Hot chocolate mug/accessories – if you know who Zoella is or if you have headed to boots to check out some of their Christmas gifts you would have stumbled across Zoella’s hot chocolate gift thing. she is basically selling a Christmas mug with two pouches of hot chocolate inside, now I am not dissing the idea at all because it’s a really cute gift, but you can definitely create your own for much less.
Poundland have the cutest Christmas mugs I have seen this year and Tesco’s sell four sachets of hot chocolate for a pound, you can also pick up some mini marshmallows at a really cheap price and if you wanted to you could add a few a candy canes or some biscuits just those extra little things that sort of make it complete.

2. Jar of sweets – now my sister has decided to you give us all christmas gifts this year which is really nice of her. She has been a little creative this year and has headed to the pound shop to buy a mason jar that has a lid and a straw, this is perfect because I love mason jars drink cups and she has filled the cups with our favourite sweets. You can go all out with this idea you can add some beauty gifts to like a face mask or some lip balms, you can add some pictures of you and that person into the jar as well to add that little bit of personalisation. It’s definitely a very unique gift and it’s not something that everyone will be doing which means you will have more chance of standing out.

3. Photo books/ albums – I absolutely love taking photos I snap a picture whenever and wherever I can, I saw Beth from advertise a photo book on Instagram stories and I thought it was a perfect idea especially for those who you are a lot closer to such as your family and you can look back over the year and laugh at the things that you may have laughed out while the photo was being taken.

4. Movie night in – this has to be my favourite gifts, I love spending nights in not just because I’m an unsociable person but because I love getting cosy having the fire on and really living up to those festive dreams. Creating a movie box for a night in can go either way with your price range, you can buy snacks and drinks put in a cute bag or box and send that as a gift or you can add some movies inside personalise it that person’s reference. It also depends on your budget.

That is all for tonight’s post I really hope that you have enjoyed it make sure you head on over and the checkout Beth because she is an amazing blogger, but also head on over and check out my favourite girl Natalie because she did a post like this and it was a lot better than mine!
Thank you all so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope that you managed to find some more inspiration for some gifts, if you did enjoy this post please leave a like and a comment below I would love to know what you are up to this weekend.
Again I apologise for this post being late I will keep you all updated on the date the situation that the now I am going to go and I will see you tomorrow in a brand new Blogmas post.
Sending you lots of love and festive cheer,



    • December 8, 2018 / 5:34 pm

      Thank you lovely, I love a good photo album xx

  1. December 8, 2018 / 3:55 am

    Ah I love that your date is supportive! (You look great btw 😉)

    • December 8, 2018 / 5:33 pm

      He really was an angel, feel very lucky to have him. Thank you!! 💚 Xx

  2. December 8, 2018 / 9:08 am

    3 things. 1. Thanks for the support on here and Instagram you know how much I appreciate it. 2. LOVE these ideas that photo book&Movie night in pack are must tries!! and 3. HOT DAMN you look AMAZING!! (you always do but that picture WOW) xx

    • December 8, 2018 / 5:33 pm

      Girl, I bloody love you! When I read this comment this morning before work, honestly my mood lifted! Thank you so much! 💚💚 Xx

    • December 8, 2018 / 5:32 pm

      The picture in the post isn’t Zoella’s (sorry if I confused you!) But it is a cute gift set, I brought one for a family member. Xx

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