VedaBio vitamins: 30 day test

VedaBio vitamins: 30 day test


Happy Friday my little sugar plums, I hope you have all had an amazing day what have you been up to? For me I have been doing my house work and keeping up to date with all of my emails and just having a relaxing day. I’m also having a super chilled night tonight which I am very much looking forward to I have my face mask at the ready I have my hot water bottle, a cup of tea my Christmas music playing and my Harry Potter book right next to me. Are any of you going out tonight or do you have anything super fun planned?

Tonight’s blog page as you can see from the title is about some new vitamins that I recently received from the brand the VedaBio. to be honest with you I had never heard of the brand before until I reached out to them on their Twitter advertisement but I have done my research and I have looked into every little detail and these guys are legit which is exactly why I am working with them.

So before I start I want to do a little disclaimer this is a sponsored post the products in the past were gifted to me by the brand VedaBio. I am not being paid to promote this product all opinions are my own.

I only work with brands that I feel weird benefit you as my readers or myself I don’t just work with every brand that comes along I have done my research on this brand and I find them to be beneficial not only to myself but they could be very beneficial to you some of you to. There will be no links in this post if there is they will not be affiliated links.

Right, now I have a bat out of the way let’s jump into learning a little bit more about the brand themselves before I talked about the products.

Who is VedaBio?

  • VedaBio was started at the end of 2017 with the sole aim of providing genuine health care to those that are health conscious.
  • Initially, this was reliant on providing information about what they consider genuine healthcare – nutrition advice for disease prevention, understanding the health benefits of different herbs and spices and recipe advice – but has since transformed into not only providing information, but also providing the tools necessary to make the changes.
  • The first step of this was the creation of their proprietary science-backed supplement range. Generally, when they speak to people about this, their initial question is always “but does the UK really need another brand of supplements?”.
  • From store-branded supplements such as Holland and Barrett or GNC to more specialised supplements, such as Vitabiotics, it may seem like the UK is a saturated market. But, they completely disagree.
  • After speaking with their followers, they believe that there is a lack of an authentic, trustworthy supplement brand in the UK. A brand that treats their consumers as educated and intelligent. Most of the big brands in the UK rely on mass-marketing to naïve consumers who do not understand the products fully but take them because of the brand’s celebrity ambassadors.

What makes VedaBio different?

  • They want to be accountable to their clients. This is about their health. They should be given all the information before making a decision.
  • They are 100% transparent and aim to explain the benefits of all the ingredients they use.
  • They don’t use any ‘pointless’ ingredients to appear more exclusive.

As as it stands VedaBio sell three vitamin supplements, Stress Care, Brain Care and Immune care at the price of £24.99 each. I will kindly gifted all 3 to test out and review for you.

Shall we start with the Stress Care Vitamin first?

VedaBio’s stress care Vitamin.

  • BEST ANTI-STRESS SUPPLEMENT: The customers have voted them as the Best Stress Supplement in the UK!
  • Over 98% of our customers have reported positive effects
    within 3-5 hours of taking their first capsule.
  • The remaining 2% report that it can take between 36 hours and 1 week to feel the full effects of the formulation.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY FORMULATED BY DOCTORS: All of VedaBio’s supplements are created collaboratively by doctors in the US, UK and India using the latest scientific research into ingredients that have been shown to have a significant positive effect on stress and anxiety.
    know there is a balance between too few nutrients and too many nutrients. All of
    their supplements have been veraciously tested to ensure the most potent combination of nutrients.
  • They don’t just combine every nutrient possible, because
    they know that’s ineffective, they also don’t solely offer single-ingredient supplements because that would mean you need to take hundreds of tablets every day.
  • 1 MONTH SUPPLY: Stress Care contains 30 capsules in an easy-to-carry bottle to
    ensure that whenever you are feeling stressed, Stress Care is no further than an arms-length away. They recommend taking one capsule per day but, on extra stressful days, you may take two capsules. Just be sure to leave four hours in between them!

What is INSIDE a Stress Care bottle:

  • 30 capsules of our rigorously tested formulation for those that are feeling stressed.
  • You should take one capsule per day, which makes this bottle enough for one month.
  • On the other hand, if you feel like you are extra stressed or anxious, feel free to pop a second capsule as required.

What about the nutrients inside?

It’s all here in this chart.

What about the Brain Care and Immune care?

Immune care

    be reading this and wondering why Immune Care only has 45-50% curcuminoids, whereas other brands offer 95%+ curcumin products YET IMMUNE CARE IS MORE EXPENSIVE.
  • The answer is simple. Immune Care doesn’t just offer curcumin. It contains OVER 10 molecules from turmeric, all of which will significantly benefit your
    health in different ways. Most other brands don’t do this.
  • 10X MORE ABSORPTION COMPARED TO OTHER BRANDS: We know, this sounds too good to be true.
  • But in studies, 10x more Immune Care has been shown to be absorbed into your body compared to other leading curcumin brands.
  • As we’re sure you know, one of the problems with capsules is that often very little is actually absorbed into your system. Well, that’s not the case with Immune Care.
  • RECOMMENDED BY DOCTORS AROUND THE WORLD: Immune Care, sold under a different brand name in other markets, is recommended by some of the most influential doctors for health issues from osteoarthritis to digestion problems.
  • FDA REGISTERED AND GMP CERTIFIED: The ingredients in Immune Care are FDA
    registered, under a different brand name, in the USA. All production is completed in
    a GMP-certified facility and all steps are taken to ensure quality.

What is INSIDE an Immune Care bottle:

  • Immune Care contains 30 capsules, each one containing 500mg of curcuminoids (45-
  • You should take one capsule per day, which makes this bottle enough for one
  • Curcumin is one of the many constituents of turmeric that is known for its health
    benefits. Most supplements contain only curcumin whereas Immune Care contains over 10 molecules from turmeric known for a variety of health benefits.

Brain care

  • SAY GOODBYE TO BRAIN FOG: Brain Care has been formulated to make brain fog a thing of the past.
  • Our ingredients are all shown to not only decrease levels of brain fog, but also to positively effect memory retention.
  • INTENSE CONCENTRATION + FOCUS: 90% of our clients report significantly increased
    concentration levels within the first few hours of taking their Brain Care capsule.
  • For another 5%, they say it takes them a week before they feel the real results. Most of
    the final 5% report feeling the beneficial effects after a month of continuous use.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY FORMULATED BY DOCTORS: Brain Care has been specially designed collaboratively by doctors in the US, UK and India using the latest scientific research into ingredients that have been shown to have a significant positive effect on
    cognitive function.
  • NO SIDE EFFECTS: Because of 100% natural ingredients, there have been no reported
    or researched negative side effects of Brain Care.
  • GMP CERTIFIED – MANUFACTURED IN THE UK: Brain Care was manufactured in the
    UK to ensure quality of ingredients and manufacturing process.
  • VedaBio also commits to individually inspecting and auditing the manufacturing sites to ensure safety.

What is INSIDE a Brain Care bottle:

  • 30 capsules of our rigorously tested formulation for the protection and enhancement of your brain.
  • You should take one capsule per day, which makes this bottle enough for one month.
  • On the other hand, if you feel like you need an extra boost of concentration, feel free to pop a second capsule as required.
  • Only contains ingredients that have been scientifically tested for memory enhancement and protection against dementia .

Ingredients for immune care vitamins

Ingredients for brain care vitamins

I have been taking the immune care vitamins for 4 days now, I am yet to and noticed any changes but I will do a full review in 30 days.

I am taking these vitamins one at a time I don’t want to mix them together because I don’t feel I would be able to give you a detailed review on each vitamin if I was to do that, I have had no bad side effects which is great!

I will keep you up to date with my trial of the immune care vitamins over on my Instagram so if you want to check that out do you head on over and follow me.

After my 30-day review of the immune care vitamins alive I will then test out the stress care vitamins for 30 days and I posted my review on them. Then of course I will test out the brain care ones and do a full review on them to.

I I’m very excited for you to test out the other team vitamins I do suffer highly from stress and I have been recommended to take a calming pill so I’m going to keep my fingers crossed!

That’s all for tonight my lovelies, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. If you have please do leave a like and a comment below.

I hope you have a wonderful evening and I will be back on Monday!

Sending you all my love,

A x


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