Book Review: The way God intended me to be

Book Review: The way God intended me to be


Happy Wednesday everyone I hope you have had a wonderful day, today I have had a really chilled day. I applied for a new job and I have been working on some blog posts. I’d love to know what you’ve been up to today, leave a comment below and let’s have a good ol’catch up.

Tonight I am reviewing a children’s book called the way god intended me to be written by Dola A Fashola and illustrated by Jamie Cosley.

Disclaimer –

I was sent a copy of this book for reviewing purposes, this is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own this post is not paid. Photos included in this post are taken directly from the copy of the book I was sent.

About the book

  • The book is a 26 page story about 2 children who wonder why they are not twins like their brothers. They try to change themselves but it does not work the way that they thought it would and finally decide that they are fine just the way they are.

What I thought about the message

  • I am not a religious person and I didn’t hate how much notice of how God intended them to be I took the message that everyone is meant to be unique and you don’t have to be like other people to you fit in.
  • I know a lot of people worry about books that include religious people if they’re not religious themselves but I don’t see this as a way of forcing the belief of God onto children, I believe that it was an Innocent message for younger children to realise that they are amazing just the way they are.

How the little one reacted

  • I have a 3 year old cousin who I spend a lot of time with and I read this book to her for one of her bedtime stories and I don’t think she quite understood the message behind the book, I think to fully understand the message you will have to get an older audience to read it. She really enjoyed the illustrations and I thought it was funny when the children that were “fighting”.
  • She definitely enjoyed the different coloured bubbles behind the text, I think it was a nice touch to add and definitely held her attention while reading.

Would I recommend?

  • I would definitely recommend this book to a older audience so I would go for the age of 5+ which is what I believe is Reception age (just starting primary school). The illustrations are really fun and the message behind the story is one that kids definitely need to be reminded often. I would definitely recommend this book to you for your child to read and to schools who are looking for books with a meaningful message behind it which will then open up a conversation between the class.

I would rate this book a 4/5.

Thank you to the brand you kindly sent me a copy of this book, this is definitely one that we will reread when she is little bit older and understands more.

Thank you to all of you who have read tonight post I would love to know if you have read this book or if you know any books that are similar to this one.

To those of you who are interested in purchasing this book I have added a link here for you I would just like to clarify that this is not an affiliate link if you do want to purchase this book I have no connection to your purchase at all.

I think you so much for reading I hope you have enjoyed tonight post if you have please let me know by leaving a huge thumbs up and a comment below. I will be back on Friday with my November workout routine ( my last workout routine of the year) so I look forward to seeing you all there.

Sending you all my love,

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