How I incorporate my TapouT equipment into my workout routine

How I incorporate my TapouT equipment into my workout routine


Happy Tuesday everyone I hope you have had a wonderful day, I am feeling a little bit better but I’m still not completely 100%. I have been taking my antibiotics and my cold and flu tablets to keep things at Bay but I have also been working out to sweat out this awful cold.

I was lucky enough to be able to work with tap out which are an amazing a fitness brand and I thought tonight I could show you the products I received and how I use them.

Before I start this post I do just want to say that this is a sponsored post these items are gifted to me and this is an advertisement for the brand. Just to make it clear though all opinions stated are my own all photos included are my own unless stated otherwise.

First of all I thought I would share with you the products that I received I will leave a link to them below, the links are not affiliated I will not get paid if you check them out! (I know some of you dislike affiliated links).

Resistant bands

To start off I have this red and black and a blue resistant band which you can find on Amazon here. The bands are £14.99.
Two bands are included in the price, the blue band is heavy strength and the black/red band is medium strength. They are great for glute activation prior to or during training.
The hip circle can be used for hip and glute activation/strength as well as dynamic warm up. You will not only get your hips and glutes warm, but your entire body. This helps to build strength and endurance in the hip external rotators and abductors to reduce stress and strain on the lower back and knees.

How I incorporate them into my fitness routine.

I am really lucky to have a natural big bum which I’m not ashamed to say, but recently I have been working out a lot more and I have been incorporating squats into my routine. I like to use the red and black band more simply because it is the medium strength and I am building my strength up to be able to use the blue band.

I like to do sumo squats with the red and black band on because I feel like I am doing a lot more than just a squat if that makes sense. I don’t know if you are meant to you use them in lunges but I also use them for that to.

Weightlifting gloves

I’m so thankful that I was sent a weight lifting gloves because I recently brought some weight to use while I am doing my squats and my planks. Can find a link to the gloves here they are currently on sale for £10.99 they are usually £19.99.

They are made from synthetic leather construction and reinforced palm patch for maximum durability, they ave a low bulk design and double stitched padded palm for extra comfort and durability. They are made from breathable air flow fabric to help prevent sweating during work outs and have neoprene cuff for extra comfort.

How I incorporate my weight lifting gloves into my workout routine.

I have really taken my fitness to a whole new level because I want to get into shape really quickly yet also healthily so I have ditched the diet pills to help on the healthy side of things.

I haven’t taken any pictures or with my always simply because they are at my mum’s house and I didn’t want to disturb her and my family for this post. (I no longer live with my mum hence why I don’t want to disturb them). Instead I took a sweaty selfie once I had finished my work out.

While squatting with my resistance band I like to use a dumbbell and I have found that using these gloves have definitely helped with my group because my hands are no longer getting super sweaty!

After the new year I am going to be starting kickboxing lessons as well as boxing lessons which I am very excited for. I am currently on the lookout for some weighted gloves to help with my workout routine so if you know of any that you think I should check out please do let me know in the comments or if you are a fitness brand please do get in touch and we can discuss things further.

I know that I wasn’t going to post today, but I completely forgot that I had already scheduled this post. So you’re it’s thank you so much for Reading I hope you have enjoyed this post if you have be sure to let me know by leaving a like and a comment below.

My question to you is would you like to see more of my weight-loss journey on my blog as such as my workout routines, my meal plans, vitamins and supplements, and my monthly weigh in? let me know in the comments below and if you are interested in seeing that I will definitely and start creating more of that content.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening I am back tomorrow it with my October goals review I look forward to seeing you there.

Sending you all my love,

A x


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