My go-to Autumnal outfit

My go-to Autumnal outfit


Happy Thursday lovelies, how are you? I know that I don’t usually post on a Thursday but last night I had an unexpected visitor and I had to just take a night for myself.

Autumn / winter months are my absolute favourite because I get to dress up in a warm coat and where my favourite tartan scarf. I am really feeling the Tartan vibe this year personally I think it should be a look for all year round but I’m definitely not complaining about the fact they have brought some really cute tartan clothing out recently.

I like to keep my outfits casual and not very tight fitting because I am a self conscious about my weight, but I also I don’t like to be dressed in oversized items because I feel like they can make you look bigger than what you are, so during the autumn months I like to stick with a few trusted items you’re such as my ripped jeans and knee high boots.

I have kept my outfit super simple I didn’t have any plans to go out but if I did I would have just added my blazer and my knee high boots to you the outfit. This is my casual going to Autumn outfit.

I am rocking the wet hair look (I basically just got out the shower), I am wearing my ripped jeans from simply Be a white jumper top which is no longer available but I will add a link to a similar one on my 21 buttons account, and of course I am wearing my tartan scarf.

If I was to you go out with some friends I would simply put on my coat and a pair of black flats, but if I was going out for a meeting or to a place that I need to dress a little more fancy for I would put my knee high boots on and my grey blazer.

I of course they’re all of my outfits with my pink body bag it is definitely a staple in my wardrobe at the moment.

And that is my casual autumn outfit post complete, I really do love to keep my look’s simple, I don’t really see the point of overcomplicating outfits.

If you have enjoyed this post do let me know by leaving a like and leave a comment to your favourite item in your closet right now.

Thank you so much for reading I will be back tomorrow with another post this time I promise it will be on time!

Sending you lots of love,

A x



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