September: My favourites

September: My favourites


Happy hump day lovelies, how has your Wednesday been? I have had some really exciting emails today I have been on a very autumnal walk where I took some photography shots, if you want to check them out head over to Instagram and follow my account I will leave a link here for you.

Tonight I am sharing with you a few of my favourite things (cue the song) that I have become obsessed with over the past month. This month has been really difficult for me to find new things to love because I spent the first two weeks being really ill and the rest of my time I have spent working my butt off. But I have managed to find five things that I have absolutely loved this month.

My monthly favourites

I was lucky enough to receive the new Givenchy perfume sample and with it I received this mascara, I am going to do a review on the perfume at some point in October but as for the mascara I am absolutely obsessed! My eyelashes fall out in clusters and it makes it look like I have non-existent eyelashes, so when I apply this it generally looks like I have false lashes on and I love it! It definitely brings my confidence back and my eyelashes look longer and healthier.

My my Natural World coconut collection has sadly come to an end! I ran out of the shampoo and conditioner the other week and now my coconut oil has gone to and is honestly made me feel a little bit sad! I absolutely love this range and in fact the brand itself. I cannot wait to try the other scents and maybe find a new collection that I absolutely adore.

My gorgeous flower bouquet has definitely got to be on my favourites list! These were gifted to me by someone really special and I have a lot of love for them and for the person who you sent them. The flowers cheered me up when I was feeling down, they smelt incredible and I’m really sad that a lot of them have now died. They lasted such a long time! I am hoping that if I play my cards right I will get another gorgeous bouquet like this soon.

These notebooks and the pens featured in my mini haul post, and I am filling these up fast! Over the past couple of weeks I have been given such an amazing opportunities and it’s really put my goals into perspective so I am using these notebooks to keep track of my daily goals, monthly goals, yearly goals and my overall life plans. If I keep working as hard as I am, I am positive that I will reach my overall goals in life!

The last favourite on my list has to be Snapchat! My evening is above if you want to add me. I am so obsessed with filters they make me look like a 10 when in reality I am about you 2! My Snapchat memories is literally for the selfies and pictures of my cousin with the filters on! I will be using Snapchat a lot more in terms of posting to you my story so if you do want to follow me leave me your username below and I will add you back!

That is all from me and my favourite list I’m sorry that it is super short but as I said I spent the first two weeks of this month being a super ill and the last two working my absolute butt off.

I hope you enjoyed this nonetheless if you did a short let me know by leaving a like and a comment below so we can chat. I would love to know what you want September favorites have been you can leave a link to your post or just comment them below!

Thank you so much for reading I hope you have a lovely evening and I’ll be back on Friday with my September goal review.

Lots of love,

A x



    • September 27, 2018 / 3:10 pm

      They were a complete bargain too! £4 for the both x

  1. September 30, 2018 / 8:41 am

    I can’t wait for the perfume review and those notebooks are so adorable😍

    • September 30, 2018 / 8:29 pm

      Only £4 for the pair with Avon! I’ve ordered myself a few more 🙈thank you sweet, I cannot wait to share my thoughts with you xx

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