A mini Haul

A mini Haul


How are you lovelies? I want to apologise for not having this uploaded last night, yesterday was such a hectic day I managed to complete so many things on my to-do list but unfortunately I wasn’t able to send anytime for my laptop to create this post.

I will give you a full update on everything I am working on soon but right now I want to just let you know that I am working absolute arae to create the best content ever. I know I have said that it a few times now but honestly I am now doing things solely by myself, I don’t have any input from anyone else everything is literally from what I have created. As I say I will let you know more soon probably around mid October if you’re interested.

For now I thought I would do a mini haul for you, last month’s paycheck was a very nice one I won’t lie and I was able to treat myself and take a few items of my wishlist. I also do a separate clothing haul. I want to do that in a lookbook type of post so it keep your eyes open for that.

Last last month I did so much overtime I was practically at work everyday and which was painful I won’t lie. I had a forever growing wishlist and I thought that I deserved a treat so this is what brought myself.

A mini haul

Let’s start with my books. Some would say I already have more than enough books but honestly is there such thing as having enough books? I am a huge Harry Potter fan I think everyone is sick to death of hearing me talk about it, I have been wanting to get the book collection for as long as I can remember but looking at the prices I just can’t afford £70+ thankfully I had a look on Amazon and found this collection for £30 so I had to buy them before I lost my chance.

I had been seeing the book milk and honey around on a pretty much every blogger Instagram, I knew that it was full of poems about I just wasn’t sure what they were about so I decided to add that to my basket. After doing a little digging around Amazon I came across the sun and her flowers book by the same person that wrote milk and can honey so I thought I would then try that out too.

I am also a huge lover of Louise Pentland. She is definitely in my top inspirational women. She is such an amazing inspirational women even when is she is bailing low just having a real rough time she always puts on a brave face and continues to work towards her dreams and that is something I relate to a lot. Louise has published a new book that follows on from her a Wilde like me book, I absolutely loved Wilde like me, so I had to buy a Wilde about the girl! I am very excited to read it.

Next up is stationary. If I ever do online shopping I always buy myself something new for my stationery collection which is probably a stupid idea considering I have more than enough stationary but who can resist a pretty pen or a new notebook?

As you can see not me! I go through notebooks like they’re going out of fashion I have a notebook in every handbag I have a notebook on my desk on my bed with my shoes just in the most random places. I decided to pick up these notepads because I liked the pattern and the quotes on them. I am doing a lot more to you improve myself and to reach my dreams so I thought that they fitted well with what I will be using them for.

I had to buy myself some new light coloured pens because eyes coloured pens a lot more than I do say a black or blue pen, and they were starting to run out which annoyed me a little so I brought myself a new pack.

Next up we have am I a not so interesting purchases. I am 19 now which means I have to buy my own products, I have been using a teeth whitening toothpaste which I will do a review on soon but I wanted to get myself some normal toothpaste because I am running low. Besides toothpaste is £1 so it was technically justified in the pricing.

I had to head in to Wilko and by myself a few packs of these wet Ones. I received a pack in my glossybox and I just think they are super handy, I use them for pretty much everything and they are so handy to have with you when you are looking after a little children who get in a right mess.

The last beauty thing I purchased is this L’Oreal day cream, I ran out of my fade Out Day Cream and I saw this on depop for £2 so I thought I would just grab it while it’s that cheap and I don’t think my skin would forgive me if I stopped using moisturising a day cream!

The last thing in this whole is this really cute pink retro speaker. I love blaring out my music and singing along, I definitely get away too invested into a song! I accidentally broke my old speaker by dropping it on the floor into a little bit of water and rice was unable to salvage it. this speaker is small enough to fit into my handbags so if I wanted to I could take it out with me it’s not very big and bulky which is great because I can just sit on my side and I won’t have to worry about it taking up too much room.

That is it for this mini haul as I said I will be doing a clothing haul lookbook type thing very soon. I will give you a heads up on my Instagram stories or my Twitter when I have decided when it will be going live.

Thank you so much for reading this post again I apologise for not having it ready for last night! I hope you enjoyed this post if you did let me know by leaving a like and comment a post you would like me to create, I have a few ideas of some post that I have never created before but if you have any suggestions I am all ears!

I hope you have had a wonderful day, I will definitely have my post ready for tomorrow at 8pm so I hope to see you all there.

Sending you all my love,

A x


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